Help From the Family of Light

September 27, 2012, 3:20 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends


There are so many of us struggling with all the energies of change and the need for clearing. Please bring us another message of hope and comfort as we move into the last few months of this auspicious year of change.

Beloved Ones,

Much has been written, discussed and concluded by Humanity in the last few weeks regarding the cabal and the attempts of the dark forces to maintain the last vestiges of control over Humanity. Fear is their weapon and your struggle their mission.

Yet we bring the promise of support from your Family of Light. We are with you and have continued our Mission of Light, although if you are looking at appearances of that promise, you may wonder; where is the evidence? Darkness in the minds and actions of governments seems to dominate your media. Threats of war in various crisis areas bring fear into the hearts of many of those threatened. These are the work of the Illuminati in their feat to maintain control. They are failing their mission, but we see their imposed pockets of fear, of dark and depressed energies fluctuate in the minds of many Humans. It takes courage to be living in those areas but it takes even more courage to ask for, surrender to and work with the Help available, no matter where the darkness pervades.

UFO.Valcamonica, Italy
Our Forces are at work also and are in the form of Light ships and vehicles carrying thousands of our Brothers and Sisters toward their Work in serving our beloved Mother Planet. The time for this massive undertaking is now. You are encouraged to remember this: No matter how small or large the disturbance, anything that disturbs your peace of mind can benefit and be healed with the help of Light. Divine Light brings Love into any situation. We are ever available at your call, but call you must if you want Our help. Your inner changes will be lightened and your understanding of what is occurring will be clarified. Invoking Light into your own mind during periods of doubt and fear will do much to bring forth the Light of those of Us who permeate in every part of your society now. Our Workers show their Presence with quiet confidence and Light.
Promise of Light

The Company of Heaven, in all its many forms, is present everywhere. The Creator’s Light of Truth prevails even while your mind may be in the midst of fear. Do not let fear control you, but call for help and Light enters. Ask and it is given. After a request for help, any action you take will be gently flooded with the Light of our Workers, your Helpers! They are ever near, but They will not interfere in your process of delineation and discernment of what seems important to you in the moment. However, while you may be feeling “in the dark”, turn on the Light switch! Clearly call for help, even in the most personal disturbance of your peace of mind will allow Light to enter. You are not alone, no matter what you may be feeling in any given moment.

I know there is great value in the continuous offer of help from You, our Family of Light. I am more ready to recognize it is available and to ask for it, but do we not have personal responsibility for clearing our own mind and energy, our upset and disturbance, our doubt and fear?

You, dear Ones, are not always thinking clearly and so you are never upset for the reason you think! You remember the past but your past is an illusion. Let it go into the Halls of Fleeting Memories. Only consciously realizing the illusory state of what is in your memory, those past dreams dominating your mind, will bring the willingness and humility to allow Truth into your fear-induced situations. Our offer of Light and Help is given for ALL situations that disturb your Inner Peace. Ask and it is given! Your work is to accept and allow. Do not block the flow of Love with your mind. Allow the Light of Love to flow into your mind. Allow the Peace to return into your heart and flow into your Life. A return to Joy is the result.

What can we do when we feel stuck in those illusory past memories that dominate feelings?

You are only as “stuck in those memories” as you think you are. You have a choice to think differently, take a different course of thought and action. Release the past and be in your NOW moment. Daily meditation is our continuous counsel. Meditation will release the flow of Light into the mind and a new course, a new thought, a different direction will reveal itself. Accept and Allow. then make a choice; be as happy as you are willing to be.

Dear Ones, do not be disheartened by what shadows your mind nor your media tries to impose upon you. Peace and Tranquility is as close as your willingness to receive. Ask and it is given. Know it is yours for the asking, and Peace will flood into your thoughts.

Know Truth in your Heart. We come in Peace and with Confidence. Soon you will see and know us!

Allow the Plan of Light and Love and Power to prevail on Earth.

That is all for now – 4:50AM