Receiving the Light

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, 2:45 AM, Calgary, Canada

 I ask the I AM Presence in me to clear all energy for my heart and mind to receive this message, that it may be given and received for the Greatest Good of All, for the healing of the Mother and all Life forms upon and within her. And so it IS!

 Dear Friends,

 Today is the day for a Master’s Initiation. Please speak to me about the inner process of a spiritual Initiation, as well the response and result for the soul, mind and personality.


 Dear One,

Any spiritual initiation, either spontaneous or one decided upon with the mental processes for the soul, is a step forward to a higher consciousness and results in a change of intention, of thought and of resulting behavior for the Initiate.

Spontaneous Initiations take place at the time the Soul, in agreement with inner Guidance, has indicated a readiness for the next step toward the completion of that contract. The cooperation of the Soul with its Guidance is imperative, although certainly not always conscious to or for the personality. There may not be an outer ceremony or ritual, but the inner Space is prepared and filled with the Presence of Members of the Company of Heaven; the Angels, Archangels and the Ascended Master or Masters who have been Guiding the process as is agreed upon earlier in the life of the Initiate. Heaven rejoices at the readiness of yet another Soul who has chosen to live in Light and with Awareness, chosen to serve the One, the I AM. The personality will undergo great change as it becomes increasingly aware of its intention for new Life choices. A profound purification is one of the results of the Inner Space ritual. The Inner Guide continues to assist in the communication between Soul and personality

A conscious choice for an Initiation to take place, as is the case for you today, will be facilitated by the same Guides of the Initiate with the soul in communication with the personality. It is an inspired choice, not merely a mental one. It is preceded in all ways and always by a process of purification and a preparedness for the soul, the personality and the physical body. Encumbrances and obstacles are deemed to have been removed. The veil of fog and miasmas of illusion are lifted. Light vibration and information stand in readiness for the physical ritual, aided by the Presence of the same Company of Heaven in preparation for the Light to raise the vibration of the soul’s consciousness. As a Vehicle for such a ritual, it is a Blessed moment facilitated through intention, with Light, Love and Power as Companions and is done in the Presence of all the Company of Heaven in equal measure as in a spontaneous initiation. 

For that “in-Light-ened” Soul, the Initiate, Love and Truth are the result while their intention, thought, word and deed are brought into conscious alignment.

The period following such an Initiation is often one in which the change for the personality is noticed by those close by and around the Soul who made a new choice. This period can be easy and Light, given the understanding and compassionate response to the many queries to “what happened to our Brother or Sister since that Day of Days? There are so many things changed!” Or the period following an Initiation can be fraught with inner and outer challenges, again, depending on the response of the Initiate. Light brings more information, which facilitates deeper processes of the mind and heart within the personality. The question is often asked: Who AM I now? How do I express the new Me? How do I respond to the members of the family who ask what happened to me? The Initiate, perhaps feeling frustration at the questions, may even be tempted with the statement: ” It is none of their business what happened!”

The human mind, most often unconscious of the addiction of “wanting to know” may not stop being bombarded by the questions the ego can think up! Accept and Allow is the clearest counsel We and the Guides and Facilitators can give. Accept whatever happens! Know that old habits may continue as before the Initiation, unless they are controlled. Yet, observing these habits will give rise to a new awareness and new opportunities for choice from the Field of Possibility. Observe and Allow the mind to rattle on for a few minutes, then Soul can take control of mind through Meditation. A Prayer for the Light of Understanding to descend into the barrage of thought is a conscious choice and useful filter for the mind. The monkey is tamed and clarity of mind returns. This process of purification of thought must also be a conscious choice.

A period of Peace is the final result. The Soul knows it is “On Purpose” as It’s Contract is more clearly revealed. Joy and Light are often the physical manifestations of this knowledge. At that time, no matter how the outer world reacts, the union of Soul and personality, working in tandem moves forward into the Light. There is a new sparkle in the eyes, the windows of the soul. There is a new lightness in the step, the action of the body. There is a new sense of purpose for the personality, the response of the choice made to undergo the purification and cleansing. Light and Love, Power and Truth are no longer merely concepts but experiences from within. Joy is the result.

May this day be filled with Joy as it is blessed with the Light of Truth and the Power of Love. We rejoice as We observe and Guide all Beings Present for this important moment of healing.

Blessed Be!

4:15 AM

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