Healing Our Thoughts and Emotions

Rainbow flower of life

Saturday, June 23, 2012, 1:18 AM

San José, Costa Rica

I ask that my I AM Presence guard and guide my heart and mind so that the Light of this Message may be received. May it serve for the Greatest Good, and the healing of all Life forms upon and within the Mother Planet… and so it IS.


Dear Friends,

The intensity of the influx of energies with which we Humans are all being flooded is affecting many of us in powerful ways. While I know it is healing our past issues in the tissues of our body and the memories in our minds, they are almost overwhelming and pushing many of us into emotional overload. What is the best way for us to deal with them and how can we be gentle during this experience and care of our Selves and our body-mind?


Dearly Beloved Ones,

We can see the influence of the profound vibrational influxes pouring into the Heart of the Mother. We also see that the emotional and mental bodies of Humanity are being cleansed and purified of old extraneous cellular and mental thought patterns that will no longer serve Humanity for the new frequencies in which you will be living your life. YOU, the Collective Human, are acknowledged and congratulated on how you are handling these vibrational enhancements! We understand, by observing the reaction, that these appear to be difficult times for many of you. Never before has Light and Love been as powerfully effective for such a mass healing for the past struggle while correcting the mis-creations of the collective Human Mind.

Beloveds, remember this: Love delivers the information carried by Light, which ultimately leads each experience to be based in Truth. It is not Light or Love that causes pain, nor what leads the emotional and mental body into what you term as overwhelm. Your resistance to Light and Love is the cause of your pain.

Accept and Allow! Our encouragement continues to be one of simplicity for your thoughts, words and actions. Accept whatever happens without trying to control it. Notice your desire to change the experience, rather than Allow the flow of it. It is your thoughts that have brought the experience in the first place. Do not wish to change the experience; change your thinking. You cannot change the projector if you do not like the movie. You must change the quality of the movie you put into the projector! YOU wrote the script and directed the movie and then decided to put it into the projector! Allow yourselves to notice the Truth of what the movie you created brought to the surface of your emotional and mental body-mind. Then feel whatever feelings that may arise and let them move through you for release. Notice where you want to create changes in the script of your next movie! Be in gratitude for a body that can feel. In the middle of the experience, remind your Self that “this too shall pass” into the Hall of Memories. Doing so will guarantee that you will make the   changes in writing a more beautiful script next time around.

Allow the Light!

Notice and allow the increasing waves of cleansing Light to pour into your body-temple. Ask the Angelic Realms for help with the cleansing. The Company of Heaven has brought forth an increase in the legion of Angelic Beings to support the billions of Souls during the increased vibrational Light frequencies in all Human thought waves. This was done to help Humanity en masse to change their current barrage of shadow-producing thought forms and begin to accept once more the return of the Human Mind to the Light and to the Love of Truth. Your Soul is rejoicing! You personality must know there is no purpose in resisting these changes as they WILL occur in spite of what you fear.

 Be gentle with your body and with your mind as We suggest you surrender, then enjoy the Light and Power in the energetic ride! A Joy-filled Lightness of Being will be the result. It only gets better, lighter and more fun to be in your body when the Light of Truth shines through the essence of every atom and cell. You would not be experiencing these waves of Light if their purpose was not based in Truth. Collectively, many groups totaling in the billions of Souls, have gathered on the Mother Planet for this experience at this time. You may have forgotten for a nanosecond but we remind the Essence within your precious Heart of this Truth; you volunteered to come at this time to serve others as you cleanse your Soul and body on this, the Sacred Journey’s return into Light. You will grow and glow as see yourself in its beauty just as you were originally created! Rejoice! All is Well! Blessed Be! – 2:30 AM