Healing Negative Thought

February  7, 2012, 4:45 AM, Casita San Jose,

I intend and know that my I AM Presence, God in me, now receives Truth and Light in Your message for the Highest Good of All and the Healing of the Planet.

Dear Friends,

I have been thinking about yesterday’s message on intention, word and sound, and would like to know this:

If ALL thought is creative, and we know it is, what happens to the negative thought forms, intentions and words from people who are not aware of their creative power and, with their victim mentality, allow those thoughts to go forth into the Universe? Is there a way to dis-empower them to prevent destructive consequences?


Dear One,

All thought is creative, indeed! In the third dimensional reality of planet earth, and important for the thinker, the element of Time is the buffer between thought and manifestation!  Time is the available helper, especially for those unconscious of the power of their thinking. Imagine having every thought of every quality manifested into reality every time! The Mother Planet would not exist in the form she is presenting now. If all thoughts manifest instantly humanity would see dire consequences and observe the misuse of the power of their creative mind. Until the souls currently inhabiting earth are able to take complete responsibility for their thoughts, instant manifestation is rarely possible.

Are there not cases where “instant manifestation” is exactly what occurs, indicating the quality of thought IS connected with the Universal Law of Action and Reaction? At least that has been my experience.

The power and speed of a soul’s ability to create, from thought to manifestation depends on how focused the mind has been on that thought, and what the intention of that thought was. Of course there are many examples and cases of “instant results” to a person’s thinking. God always says “Yes!”  But sometimes the “yes” is meant to bring a lesson for the soul’s contract. The Instant Manifestation Experience is an indication that the thoughts were held and met with Universal approval. Either the manifestation of their thinking presented a lesson in cause and consequence, and the thinker may not be happy with their creation, or their manifestation was for the advantage of all concerned and  may lead to happiness. It is during the process of manifestation that personalities will start to notice there is truth in the saying “energy follows thought” and “what you think about you bring about.”

While the thinker is yet unconscious of the need to take personal responsibility and control of their mind, their power to create is limited to only those thoughts that do no great instant harm to themselves or any one else. However, their thoughts forms of negativity energetically remain in tact in the Cloud of Mass Consciousness, as un-manifested. We once instructed you in the ability for each soul to heal and clear this Cloud with your mind and intention. Mother Nature has ways of healing these Clouds also, through her natural protection and creation of many storms of all intensities.

Do you mean to say that humanity’s way of thinking creates the need for the Mother to make weather patterns form storms to clear those Mass Clouds?

Indeed! Every thing is energy. All energy is useful in some form or another. The Mother Planet is a living, thinking, creative Being. By her very nature, through the natural flow of energy forming various weather patterns, Gaia the Mother, uses the Cloud and is able to protect Herself from the self destructive, negative thinking part of human    population.

Humanity, the dominant Life Form on the planet, has the ability to control thoughts and train their minds to intend, to think and thus to create. At this time in Planetary consciousness, the thinking person is once again realizing the Power of thought and is inspired to create his life to great advantage through positive intention, while at the same time serving others in the process. 

 Are there other ways our negative thought patterns and creations are dealt with before their destruction occurs?

Light heals all wounds and brings Love in, to play. Light and Love dispel the mis-creations of human thought. One positive intention in the human heart, results in loving thoughts sent out into the Universe and circumvents millions of negative energy shadows from an unconscious thinker. Millions of souls are once again aware of their power to create good in all circumstances. Light is always dominant and dispels shadow. Humanity is spared great destruction because the Company of Heaven has inspired the Masses to rethink their purpose, support the completion of soul contracts and bring Light into the heart and mind of each living soul. Prime Source, the Creator is the Heart of all this action. As Servants of Light we are privileged to see, to notice and to report the Plan is working. Light and Love dominates. Humanity heals while Gaia sings again.

May Love and Light and Power restore the Plan on Earth!

That is all from us for now.


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