Healing For Our Mother Planet

Kootenay Lake, Near Kaslo BC Canada
Saturday, April 28, 2012, 6:00 AM

Ainsworth Hot Springs, BC, Canada

Dear Friends,

Yesterday as I sat in the Earth’s waters of these beautiful Hot Springs, I noticed with awe and gratitude the beauty of the immense lake and the towering, snowy mountain tops. I also noticed the large red, dying sections of the mountain forest as result of pine beetle disease. I wondered what I could do to help heal those trees, even when I am not in this area. Then I realized there is a larger picture. The dying forest here is just one symbolic element of what we need to notice and heal in our own nature. How can Humanity help ourselves as well as the Mother Planet in her current struggle? Please advise us how we can heal the dying forest here in Canada and in other parts of the Mother, elsewhere.

Dear Ones,

Loving care for the Mother Planet is one of the urgent needs to which Humanity is now giving attention. Human action is sorely needed and is done by raising Humanity’s awareness about Life and Light energy. Ascending Planetary and Human Consciousness is our mission of service. We are happy you asked this question!

During the past hundred years of Humanity’s technological and agricultural advancement, chemical substances have been used with human intentions of controlling the Mother’s natural methods of maintaining her balance. The chemicals that are termed “pest control” are made for a human purpose to destroy some life forms and have done great damage to the natural balance. By its very nature the term “pest” is applied by Humans to anything that is considered a disturbing nuisance, anything uncomfortable.

The Planet Earth is a Living Being with the same Energy and Divine Intelligence as was given to all life forms, including the Human form. She is termed the Mother Planet for it is Her function to maintain all Life upon and within Her. Ever since She was born She has used Her creative intelligence to restore Her health and beauty whenever there was an imbalance. In Humanity’s battle with Earth to control aspects of the Mother and Her natural functions, She appears to be losing. Planet Earth is struggling with the misuse of Her energy and is out of balance.


To the Mother no life form is a pest. Her work is to maintain a balance for ALL life forms. When left to her own timing and intelligence she is capable of doing Her work. Since Her existence the Mother has done an admirable job on her own by keeping a natural balance. It was always done without Human interference! Indeed, currently, by human definition, Humanity could be termed as a “pest” for the Mother’ for she is not comfortable! The Planet is showing signs of discomfort through the present day upheavals in weather patterns and what are termed “natural disasters” floods, earth quakes, tidal waves and storms. Even then she lovingly gives her energy and beauty so that ALL Life Forms continue to flourish.

We wish to inform you that your Human mental activity has contributed to the changes in weather patterns. Your chaotic mental activity has left large looming Clouds of Mass Consciousness which are affecting the thinking of sensitive but unaware Souls who in turn contribute similar vibrations. This circular motion of energy creates ever larger dark energy Clouds. These energy fields have been felt by the Mother and She has had to take steps to clear those unruly thought forms while She protects Herself to maintain her balance. Storms and hurricanes are the Mother’s solution to Her need for clear energy.

During the past few earth years Humanity has given voice to the need to help the Mother survive and thrive again. Even then, the voice given is not enough. Although small steps are being done by small groups to take care of small details, the great number of infractions of the Planet’s natural laws are continuing to threaten the health of the Mother. Chemical and industrial plants continue to pour their wastes into nearby waters, which would eventually destroy the Life blood of the Planet. Some powerful controlling governments have declared laws against pollution and polluters but these laws are not adhered to, even by the law makers. While small groups protest, their well intentioned whispers are not heard over the cacophony of monetary controlled powers that could make the effective changes needed for true help for the Planet.

We have on many occasions and via many scribes indicated the ways of healing for the Planet. There are noisy pro-active methods and there are quiet but powerful spiritual methods; all methods work eventually, given heart felt intention and intelligent action.

One pro-active method is to declare in ever increasing vocal strength paired with appropriate action, to the makers of the killer chemicals, that their products will not be used or sold anywhere. As long as there are people using them, the makers desiring continued monetary gain will continue to make them. Another pro-active method is to collectively demand your local and provincial, state or country wide law makers to act on their laws already written in their governmental books regarding pollution. Those souls concerned will be confronted with their personal integrity. Thus inspired, their actions will be congruent with their voices. Intention is the first step. Appropriate action must follow intention.

What may be deemed as spiritual methods are simply done: gather in groups with the intention to focus on the Light within the heart of the Mother to strengthen Her and give her Courage. Place a globe of the Earth in your group centre as a powerful symbol of your intention while focussing your mind on the Light of Love around and through Earth. Pray without judgment for each law maker and government ruler. The Light of your loving, forgiving intention will reach the heart of each one involved. Their appropriate action will follow. See any action to be taken by humans as an action inspired by the Light of Truth. Visualize the area of concern as healthy, whole, pristine, and cover it with the Light of Love and Restoration. In your groups, large or small, gathered with healing as intention, visualize a Light grid around the Planet Earth. Know and understand that the Company of Heaven is working with your intention in this Light Grid, to heal what needs healing and change what needs changing. Planetary healing has to start with the intention of Humanity to do its part.

Your own personal action is also needed, each one for him or herself. Take your own steps to control your pollution. That includes the pollution of your contribution to Mass Consciousness! Control your wayward thoughts and illogical conclusions. Such thought forms pollute the Collective Consciousness of the masses on the Planet. Be the Light contributor to that Collective Mind. Meditate to control the monkey mind running amok. We encourage each Human to be prepared to confront your discomfort as the inner and outer changes occur. Do not “wish it was the way it used to be!” Do not desire to maintain the status quo! It is that very desire that has contributed to the current planetary situation. Become the “they” that are needing to bring action for change. Become the “they” that say what is needed. Then act on what “they”, and you, have said.




We declare the Light of Truth to inspire you to do your personal healing. We declare your prayers for guidance be constant and filled with Light. We declare your intentions to be clear and Light. We declare your actions be in Light. We declare your heart be filled with Light as you carry out your intention to love your Self and thus Heal the Mother.  And so BE it! – 8:10AM

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