Financial Fear? Divine Substance is the Source of Our Abundance

October 15, 2012, 5:30 AM

El Castillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Beloved I AM Presence, only Your Authority is in Action in my heart, in my mind and in my world. My desire serve You in Light is fulfilled. So BE it, and so it IS!


Dear Friends,

 Mother Nature in the rain forest has been powerfully cleansing and inspirational in making decisions for the past week and more. I am grateful for the clear answers to prayer. Please give us your counsel for living next phase of the mysterious Divine Plan.

Dear Ones,

All of life, all your decisions are given to the Divine Mind within. Trust and Surrender to the Wisdom within you, and the unfolding of the Divine Plan is not a mystery, It is clearly given to you in your heart. Listen to your sacred whisperings, the Voice within as the it is revealed and you will make your choices according the Divine Plan. Humanity is continuously guided in all ways toward what has already occurred for most of you – a change in Consciousness, a shift in attitude, an increased inner awareness about what is important and what must be burned in the fire of purification as you release your fear and concerns. Trust is the practice, Trust is the meditation, and Trust is the attitude from moment to moment.

Living your day to day lives as though nothing has been moved in your heart and mind is impossible. Grasping on to the attitude of “back to normal” is ill advised. The desire to return to “Business as usual” is incompatible with your current view, what you now see as your reality. In noticing your own changes, each of you will be inspired into lively discussions with others about what they have noticed as their change. With compassion, remembering your own signals of resistance to change, listen to your family, your friends, your co-workers and colleagues as they refer to their experiences, while you relate your own. All of you will, in one way or another, realize this: “Something BIG is happening in our world!”  Remember always, it is not the experience but how you respond to the experience that makes a Human Soul grow gracefully into Light.

The prophesies may be a point of reference for some people to start their conversations, but we encourage you all to remember that many of the stories written and seen as prophesies were allegories that call for interpretation. Taking into account the Company of Heaven’s continuous support for the Ascension of the Planet, indeed, the Universes, these human interpretations will leave a mystery in the mind of many who hear them. Moreover, Human nature is such that interpretation will lead to fear in the mind of the interpreter. You have often heard the statement: “The end of the world is near!”  This statement indicates the fear in the interpretation and is not Truth. Truth is not based on fear, and Truth is in all the Works of Prime Creator and it is in the Divine Plan to return Humanity to a peaceful and Joy-filled life.

Lately, in speaking with many people about this matter, the biggest fear I hear is the fear of a personal financial disaster. Globally the financial institutions are failing their obligations to organizations as well as to individuals. The prediction is that certainly there will be a financial crisis within the next year or two. What can You tell us about how to alleviate our fear of not being able to take care of ourselves without access to money.

Historically, money was the creation of a human minds looking for ways to collect for personal gain. Humanity has lived without money as a means of exchange for many more thousands of years than you lived with money as a commodity to benefit from.  It is only the fear of lack that creates more lack or insufficiency. Money is not the source of abundance. Prime Creator instilled the Divine Substance as the Source of Abundance! Divine Substance, the Energy of Life does not cease with the global failure of the man-created money markets.

Mother Nature is Divinely abundant. Whenever you choose to look for those signs you will see ample evidence of abundance everywhere. All Life on Earth, all Life forms, are supported by the Mother. Humanity, whether you realize and remember this or not, IS also one of Mother Nature’s Life forms! All of Nature will continue to be abundant, but the first call from the heart of the Mother to the heart of Humanity is to start working WITH her, to love Her, care for her as She has cared for you and thereby help yourselves to continue to be abundantly nourished and nurtured. It is not money that nurtures you. The bosom of the Mother nurtures all Life, including Humanity.

Okay, I can see the reasoning and can value the Truth in what You say, but the woman taking care of her family who has no inkling how to do that without going to the store, for which she will need money, is not likely to take these Truths as easy to live by. The man who wants to continue to go to work in his car and will need gasoline to drive it, will not likely say: ” The bosom of the Mother will fill my gas tank,”  How can we handle these changes?

Earlier We have indicated; this is NOT the time to think: “business as usual!” The store is not likely to be open for the woman to spend whatever money she may have saved in her secret wallet. The man may have to park the car until the fear in his heart about this “crisis” is resolved. He may be called upon to do his work in a different way or a different location than before.

There may be a time of confusion, rebellion, fear and despair for some people ill prepared to change from what was THEN to what is current and NOW. However, the resourcefulness in the mind of Humanity is always inspired and guided by Divine Mind. Humanity is a creative Being continuously looking for creative solutions to outer challenges. These solutions will be found while working in cooperation with each other, in small groups and in families, claiming sovereignty over ways of creating an abundant life, rather than continue to depend on the financial systems that no longer sustain a Human’s life with integrity.

Remember always; you are not alone during these times of change. Prime Creator, the Company of Heaven, your Galactic Space Family, we as Servants of Light; all  are continually watching, monitoring and guiding and serving our Human Family. Consequently, your inspiration is refined, your ability to listen is more enhanced, your power of observation is sharpened. your intuition is quickened. These are inner assistants you already have. You are being continually encouraged to listen to your Inner Self.

Therein lie the results of your inspiration, your observation and your intuition. The results of listening to your Voice, will lead you to inspired action and to Truth. Trust in your Light Body and it leads you to Truth… and the Truth will set you free of fear.

All is well!

7:10 AM