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How did these messages come to be received?

Since the late 1970’s I have been inspired by what felt like quiet whispers of an inner voice, with so much apparent wisdom that I decided to sit down with pen and scribbler to record for my own benefit.

Once I started writing, the Voice encouraged me to sit regularly, and I did so a couple of times a week, always during the middle of the night. There were periods, months or even a year at a time, when Life got hectic and I forgot about sitting with “Them” but usually I would be urged from within to listen again and write.

These periods of sitting during the night, when the energy for receiving them are clearest, have helped me through personal crises, relationship issues, concerns about my children, through divorce, at least two physical moves across the ocean back and forth. There was always wonderful encouragement in the midst of the many early changes I experienced becoming a Reiki Master, moving to the Netherlands and starting as teacher of Reiki. I was given so many joyful memories!

At all times the Voices I was calling “My Friends” were loving, patient, encouraging and gave clear and wonderful counsel. While listening to them, it felt as though there were different energies at different times and on different days. I knew the Voice represented a Group. Although They did not give me Their name, it was not important for me. I learned to trust Them. They addressed me at the beginning of each session as Dear One, or Beloved One, and I called them My Friends.

In September, 2011, after a personal process of what They called “ Honing”, their Messages seemed to take on a new energy and I felt an urgency to be regular in scribing what They impressed upon my consciousness. They revealed their Station, the Pleiades, and a new impetus for the messages began. As They had said many years before, the indication was that these messages would be for the public. They would tell me when They, and I, were ready to do that. In February the word came: “Release the Brakes”.!

I am in deep Gratitude to our Friends for Their constantly encouraging, hopeful and beautiful messages of Light and Love, now to be shared with Humanity.


(This Website is the result of collaboration with my dear friend and techno-consultant, Fernando. With much appreciation!)


Who are these people giving you this information?

The best way to answer this question is to go to the Source.

Please see the Message : Who are We? What is our Mission?


Is your ability to receive these messages affected by your mood or your state of mind?

During the past 30 plus years, the process of sitting with, listening to and scribing these messages has certainly been one of personal growth and refinement! When I feel our Friends’s Presence, They make clear their desire to communicate by the energy I sense in my body. Sometimes They present a sentence of a theme in a question in the beginning of our sessions. Sometimes that theme does not enter my consciousness until after a period of meditation.

They are a large Group of enlightened Beings, once incarnated on Earth, and know what it is like to be in physical form on the planet. They also have great compassion for the state of mind or emotions of this scribe! Always the subject is of Their choosing. Sometimes They start by impressing a question in my mind. When I formulate the question in words, they will expound on that question, giving Their answers in a clear and decisive manner. They give me certain words, phrases, or concepts for which I then have to find word. As They have said: “We do not speak English, we speak Energy which you translate into the proper words.

This, then begs for the next question….:

Do you always have the right words for the Message Our Friends want to bring to us?

During some of my earlier times, I questioned and doubted myself also! However, often Our Friends correct me and replaced the word I used with another word or sentence that is more appropriate or was more clear. They punctuate, indicate when to start a new paragraph and make it abundantly obvious to me that some words need to be capitalized or in quotations! At all times, when I needed Their advice or when They notice my doubt or my fear of not doing it well enough, They have reassured me with the likes of these words: You have been in training with US for many of your years. Do you think We would continue with you as our beloved scribe if We did not think you did your work with Us in the manner We need it done? We will merely stop all transmissions if that were so! Relax and do not waste time in doubt.


What makes you believe that these words are not from your own mind?

While the words ARE from my mind, Their images and impressions are placed into my consciousness and that brings forth the words I type. They are not from my little self!  Nothing is clearer to me while I am writing these messages! My mind does not have the Wisdom our Friends clearly portray in these beautiful messages of light and support! There were times when I tried to ignore the words I often heard as well as Their impressions and did not always take time to write them down. However, I started listening again, and through consistently listening during the times They indicated, I became clear in desire to coach me! I have grown immensely because of Their Counsel and continuous support in the past 30 plus years! I am profoundly grateful for their continued patience with me, while I hang out in my doubt and sometimes in my fear of “hearing it wrong”!