Djwal Khul – 1


Djwal Khul, the Tibetan

Channeled by Doug Kelly – 1994


Beloved and Mighty I Am Presence, be joined with me. I surround myself in the Light of the Most Radiant One and request Highest Wisdom flow through me now.


Greetings my Dearest Colleague and Brother in the Light.  I Am Djwal Khul.  For too long my connection with you has been separated in consciousness.  You and I were the best of friends in our lifetime together in India during the design and construction of the Taj Mahal.

Now that I have given you five, be assured that I am with you in this moment as always my friend.  Why did you wait so long to extend an invitation to communicate with you?  But, as we say, all is perfect in God’s time, so let me offer some words on ascension this morning of the New Dawn.

The word for this day is Reunion.  Just as we have been reunited in this moment, so the ascension is most truly a reunion – a reunion in the fullest sense of the word.  The ascension is a reunion with all of the multidimensional aspects of who you truly are.  It is a reunion from the illusion of separation based upon the myths of the Fall from Grace.  The ascension is a reunion with your Father/Mother God — a joyful celebration of your return home.  All of your brothers and sisters in the higher octave of Love and Light are holding a candle of love in their hearts as they await your return home.  Your beloved planet awaits your return to the Garden of earthly delights.  A vast semi-tropical paradise will comfort you from all of the extremes of temperature that you endure now.

This gathering of the Ones marks a beginning of the reunions that will follow until all are joined together in the great celebration of the ascension of the race of man.  Indeed, the whole Universe awaits the reunion with their brothers and sisters of Earth.  So, the welcome mat is in place and the portal of time and space that you are preparing to enter. When all of the last sheep have returned to the fold, the Good Shepherd will embrace each of you. Mother Mary will kiss your cheek and all of your brothers and sisters in the Hierarchy of Light will rejoice in this great reunion upon your graduations from school house Earth. The lessons are complete and the final exams are finished. Now you can remember that feeling of the last day of school, which was the first day of summer vacation. That is the feeling of ascension. That is the joy of ascension. The complete release of the pressure of this world as you join hands in the great reunion. Hold these thoughts with you now and in the days to come, as we await your return.

In the Light of the Most Radiant One, I Am Djwal Khul.


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