Consciously Creating Circumstances to Connect to Light

Heart Light
Sunday, November 11, 2012, 1:30 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


Dear Friends,


Once more the calendar indicates a significant date, 11-11, which for many of us is the time to remember the fallen heroes of several wars. However, the two numbers come into my consciousness often through various serendipitous moments; looking at the clock at the precise moment it turns to 11-11. getting a phone call at 11-11, noticing an 11-11 combination while driving. Now we are told on this date a spiritual Gateway is opened for the Planet and for Humanity, through a special planetary alignment today. What is the meaning of these moments of often noticing 11-11 or other double numbers as a “coincidence”?


Dearly Beloved Ones,

As the Mother Planet approaches the end of the current cosmic cycle of 26,000 years, there are many portals being shown to Humanity. These portals become doorways from the seen to the unseen, from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind. When you notice these numerological patterns returning often in your days, you will begin to notice that “something unusual” may be going on in your life. What appears to be “unusual” for some is that you have only now begun to notice!

Ones Upon A Time
Many of you have been experiencing these coincidences for many years, indicating that your awareness is asking to you to pay attention. For some it is that NOW moment of noticing the double numbers that indicates your Divine Mind is calling you to become awake and aware to the opening of the portal from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. Twice a day your digital clocks and appliances will show this number;  now you are beginning to notice the little game of the cosmos – awakening your mind to details and into more awareness. It is not only with the double numbers of 11, that many of you have synchronicity, but the clocks also say 2:22, 3:33. 4:44 etc. during your day, and many of you have your own significant number sequence. These moments are wake-up calls from the cosmos.

As for the Portal opening the spiritual awareness of Humanity; on a day like 11-11-12, there are indeed planetary alignments occurring often in these latter days before 12-12-12, and 21-12-12, when the Grand Cycle is completed. Your Human Consciousness as well as your physical body has been moving into increased Light quotients for several years of your Earth time. Currently Humanity is becoming more sensitized to the higher Light and Love vibrations. When portals announce themselves via planetary stations your body-mind would benefit greatly from consciously and willingly asking for the Light to enter your cellular structure.

Using meditation that day, 11-11, at 11 AM indicates you are willing to enter those doorways and allow higher Love vibrations to flood your consciousness. Doing so, especially connecting your consciousness with other Souls on the Planet or sitting in a group, will add exponentially to your ability to heal your lower thought forms and lighten your energy body. A grid of Light will be created around the Planet, when many of you visualize drawing in Light and consciously breathing in that Light, your heart sensingLove for yourselves and for the Planet. Releasing any negative thoughts or feelings of anger, resentment, hatred, envy or pride etcetera which may still be lingering in your mind, will leave a new space open for the Love to fill. Your healing at this time is inevitable and automatic when your intention to receive it is clear. Your body will feel Loved and Lighter and Joy will permeate your Life and actions.

Can we receive the same healing effect of being in a group, even when we are alone and there is no group available to sit with?

Wish Big!

Consciously creating circumstances to connect with I AM is a good practice for healing the mind. You are never alone. Remember, you are All One! With willingness in your heart, request your I AM Presence to connect with the Light of the One Soul, with Divine Mind, to create the grid of Light around the planet. Allow your Light to rise in the One Heart. Intention is enough, See it as you want it and it happens as you ask. Everyone benefits when your mind, heart, attention and intention are in alignment. Joy is the result.

That is all for now.

3:30 AM