Clearing Past Life Memories

Friday March 23, 2012 ,2:55 AM

NW Calgary, Canada

I ask the I AM Presence to clear all energy for my heart and mind, that I may receive this message for the greatest Good of All Life, the healing of the Mother Planet and all her Life Forms. That it may be SO.

 Dear Friends,

Recently, in the past few months, I have felt greatly affected by memories of a distant past in my Soul’s journey, while living at various times on Earth. Please speak about the effect of past life experiences and their memories and how these may affect the clarity of decision making for humans at a Soul level. How are we affected by those memories? Do we make different choices when those memories are recalled?

 Beloved One,

Indeed. Humanity’s Soul Contracts are reviewed at the time of a decision to re-enter a new birth, to be ready for new lessons. The memories of the lessons of the past are looked at closely while a choice is made for the new life to be lived. Remember however that while these memories only enter at such a decisive moment, all lives are lived simultaneously by a Soul experiencing each Contract in Continuum of Time.

Humanity defines time in the third dimensional reality. A memory of what appears to be in the past, may leak through that dimension. This occurs especially when the consciousness of the personality requests information regarding the lessons their Soul is learning. Flashes of memory move through the veils of forgetfulness and into dreams or daytime visions. These memories are presented to the soul who lived them, so that lessons yet to be learned become more clearly defined.

When such is the experience, it occurs for clarification and as a signal toward the release of any emotional struggles the personality is experiencing. Accept and Allow! Accept the memory as a message regarding the next review and Allow the reason for release to become clear. In such a review, do not become identified by the memory, but let it flow once more into the Halls for Forgetfulness. Do allow the “Aha moment” to consciously linger, but briefly, and realize the Soul is experiencing the impetus toward a new level of awareness. Then rejoice in the clarity. The lesson has been completed!

The next phase; to release the memory so that new choices and decisions can be made with new clarity. Meditation and silence in mind and heart are the best decision any personality can make for release to happen quickly. To have an easy flow of life energy, the mind and heart will need to develop trust in the flow of life experiences. Trust is developed through the clearing that meditation brings. Raising vibrational frequencies in the body will also allow a new flow of energy into the consciousness.

We have stated frequently that the value of meditation must not be discounted or denied. Daily periods for clarifying energy and accepting higher Light frequencies for body and mind, allows the advancement of Soul experience and the raising of conscious awareness. We continue to encourage all Earth bound personalities wishing to move into the new Planetary Consciousness, and that includes all presently living on the Planet, to spend some of their linear time in meditation and establishing a conscious connection with their Soul. The only way that can be done, is in the silent moment of Now! Move from being nowhere to experiencing Now Here! Take a breath in the experience and feel how full and alive the current moment can be when it is not filled with worry, cluttered thoughts or fear of the future.

Meditation creates new neurological pathways, higher electromagnetic frequencies and Light vibrations allowing soul to communicate with personality. There can be no greater benefit for the Planet and for personal healing than a dedicated time of sacred silence. We urge you all to review your mission to service and meditate daily once more.

That is all from us for now. 4:00 AM

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  1. Ethyl

    It really is difficult to get qualified persons within this issue, you seem like you understand what you are posting about! Many thanks

  2. Sabine

    I would like to say thanks so much for that work you have made in writing this blog post. I am hoping the same top work from you in the future also.

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