Clarification of “Oneness”

Sunday, January 22, 2012, 5:05 AM

Casita, San Jose

Dear Friends,

A few days ago we had an important dialogue about the “Oneness of the Higher Self, Your Mind and God’s Mind. In that discussion you said the following:

“We are giving you examples of frequency fluctuations with the merging of your mind with our Mind. When the question you ask is: ” Can these messages come from my Higher Self” you are asking: Is there a difference between my Higher Self and my Friends? In Allowing our energies to merge, we show you through that example, that there are times when there is NOT a difference! Your sensitivity allows you to feel these fluctuations in frequencies.

“The separation between God’s wisdom and your own is merely an illusion of the finite thinking human mind. You are not separate from God! Neither are We separate from God. If God and you are One, and We and God are One, you and We are One!”

There is some confusion as there appears to be in an inconsistency in your answer. It is probable that I interpreted your answer incorrectly, and I would appreciate clarification.

You say: ….“there are times when there is NOT a difference,” between my Higher Self and your Mind, implying also that there are times when there IS a difference. At the same time you said ” God and you are One and God and We are One, so You and We are One.”

When IS there a difference? Or, did I just hear/interpret your message incorrectly? This is exactly the kind of thing we discuss often. It is possible that I am interpreting your words in such a way that this type of confusion could surface for a reader from the public.

Dear One,

Indeed! This is an excellent subject with a good question to return to. Your worry about the accuracy of scribing our messages continues.

All Wisdom comes from the Mind of God because as Creator of Light, carrier of all information, the Light in your mind and the Light in Our Mind is the Light from the Mind of the Prime Creator God.

When a human mind exhibits the fear and darkness in its thinking, based on human patterns of emotional fluctuations and ego-based fear, We say there is a difference between God’s Mind and theirs.

God is all Good, the giver of Life and of Light for that Life. Separation of their mind from God’s Mind occurs when the darkness in human thought forms brings negativity from their mind into their life experience. God’s Light has been dimmed in the human mind. Filled with the darkness of their negative thought, their experiences result in pain and suffering. Could it be that Light from the Mind of God has been the cause of that suffering because they remain One with God? Human mind has separated from God’s mind in this example. In that way there IS a difference between God’s Mind and the human mind. Remember God’s gift of Free Will to humanity! When a human mind uses Free Will and chooses darkness and pain, even unconsciously, they have chosen to separate themselves from the God Mind.

When you or any scribe is given our Messages, and the Light and Love in the messages is reproduced on paper, Our Minds have merged and We are One. When you worry about the accuracy of our words coming through your mind, you temporarily separate your self from our Mind!  At those times We are NOT in the same Mind, the Mind of God. When you remind yourself there is NO doubt necessary, we are merged. When you have fear and doubt, you separate yourself from us and take a dip in the waters of darkness. Would it not be much easier for your to swim in the Waters of Light and remain there!

Yes it would, and… I am also human. If I had seen during scribing that particular message that a possible question could arise from an apparent inconsistency, I could have spared the confusion by continuing to ask more questions. I did not think of the question first, but agreed with a reader who brought it up to me. Her question resulted in my doubt, not about the message but about my incorrect interpretation. I am content with your clarification and am grateful the question surfaced. It showed me clearly about what you told me yesterday; that I may have a fragility for possible criticism regarding these messages when they are public.

Beloved One, there was no inconsistency in the content of our message. We ask you to trust that we would show you clearly if that is occurring. Your interpretation of these messages as we impress them in your heart and mind has been clear and accurate.

While the language used is your option, the energy in each message we give you is Love.  We continue to work with you to increase your self-confidence in our work together.  Our part of that work to be done is to continue to clarify and refine your desire for answers to your many questions. What you are asking is what is in the mind of humanity. You represent the thoughts of humanity in asking these questions. We bring Light and Love to the human mind through these messages. Together we produce a Light that will bring Truth and Freedom to an ever-questioning human mind. The Mind of God is in the Oneness for us all. Praised Be the Oneness!

That is all for now. 6:30 AM

Some of my personal thoughts after this session:

In my mind there rings a song I often sing and teach to others:

I am One with the Heart of the Mother, I am One with the Heart of Love,

I am One with the Heart of the Father, I am One with God.

Mother-Father-God and I are One when I choose for the Light in my mind and heart. Light in my life is the result. My choice of Light-filled thoughts keeps me connected to the God Mind and in Oneness. During the times I am in fear, doubt and darkness, I have chosen to separate myself from the God Mind and am not feeling the Oneness. That does not mean I, or any soul temporarily choosing the darkness of doubt or fear ARE separate from the Mind of God. We are always in God’s Light, but we have turned off the switch.

Would that all humanity chooses to continually remember: Keep that switch turned on and keep on swimming in the Waters of Light!