Choose what “Floats” into your Mind!

October 13, 2012, 4:30 AM

El Castillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Beloved and Mighty I AM Presence, only Your Authority is in Action in my heart, in my mind and in my world as I serve You in Light. So BE it!

Dear Friends,

I am listening for your message this morning. Please grant us all the information You want us to be aware of.

Beloved Ones,

When a shift in perception occurs in a Human’s consciousness, your Lightness of Being becomes clear and visible to those around you. When a prayer and request for Light is held in mind, or a request for healing and wholeness is called for from the heart, the request is granted immediately. When the mind and heart are willing recipients of the results of those prayers and requests, the gift of healing is instant.

And therein lies the work; to release attachment to the element of third dimensional time, know you deserve healing instantly. You must understand that there IS no Time as you believe it to be, when it comes to answering prayer, but because you believe you need to wait for the prayer to be answered, you will create the pause between your prayer and the answer. There is a saying you Humans use,” …all In God’s time”. We would like you to remember that “God’s time” is in this very instant, this moment… and in this moment… it is instantaneous! It is YOU who create the wait; the pause; the time you think it needs for you to earn and deserve the answer. God in you IS as you desire the I AM Presence to be. When you truly know and trust your I AM Presence, your prayer is answered, your healing is instantly given. Your acceptance of Truth is your answer; there is no need to wait for the Light. Even in your darkest hour the Light is ever present. Accept it and know it is so!

The other day in my meditation, the image of a toucan floated into my mind, As I opened my eyes, there flew

the toucan just a few meters away! Is this what You are speaking of?

Indeed! AS you become aware of what you desire, God’s time is in this moment…. and this one….and this one…., whether that be a toucan as answered prayer, or the healing of a long held wound in your mind. If the desire for the answer is clearly held, intended in your heart and pictured in your mind, the answer is given and the intention is granted-instantly. It is through focusing your intention in your mind that your request is given. Do you know you deserve you receive what is asked? Do you accept it gratefully when it is given? Therein lies the human challenge! Do you truly know Truth? Do you know and trust that the God-Self grants what you desire?

No, I guess I do not know that with all my mind, not enough. I would then know I deserve it and receive what I ask for. However, I also think that I and in general, we Humans are not yet clear enough in our thoughts to have those thoughts manifest immediately in our life! Isn’t that the reason we are still mostly living in a third dimensional time expression? I am not yet constantly aware of or in control of all my thoughts and so I would not want all those thoughts I am UN-consciously projecting to take form in my life. It would be unconscionable to create physically the confusion that sometimes hovers in my mind!

For Humanity to move completely into the fifth dimension depends exactly on releasing this human frailty. It is the inner work that is guided by your Family of Light. This awareness for Humanity is given through Our loving encouragement for Humanity to seek, to know and to trust the Light. Respond when you hear the Voice within you. In your mind, Intend Light only; in your life, Be Love in expression only.

Become completely aware, responsible and demand Light in your thoughts and your lives will move quickly from third, through fourth and into fifth dimensional living. It is in your Light thoughts that Peace and Plenty become your Life’s expression; where the beauty of your I AM Presence is honored; where you honor the I AM Presence within everyone else. You all have already experienced fifth dimensional moments, manifestation of pure thought resulting in what you may call miracles. These experiences will prove your mind’s clarity instantly!

Like the meditation and my toucan-in-flight experience! But how do we become continuously aware of our mind’s activities? Oh yes, I can feel your laughter as I wrote the question! I know! “Meditation and contemplation; loving attention to the messages from our Heart Voice, surrender to the Light within”. You have been telling us this for years!

Indeed! The continuation of this message is to remind you of this: practice, practice, practice. There are no shortcuts to clearing your individual mind. YOU are responsible for what “floats” in as your mental activity. YOU must be the observer of what thoughts are outwardly expressed in your reality. The physical expressions of your life, what you see clearly as you look around you, indicate what thoughts are “floating”. YOU must choose what “floats” in so you can also enjoy the resulting manifestations!

Stained Glass Meditation

To become aware of your mental activity, We may suggest before your meditation periods, take time to express your “stream of consciousness”. Write out the flow of your thoughts, withholding none! Notice what is occurring, what is “floating” into your mind, and write it as your observe your mind. Do this practice everyday, taking some minutes just prior to your meditation. Doing this practice for several weeks will indicate to you, your consciousness as it “floats” in your mind. After writing each thought stream, notice; where do you need healing? As you enter meditation, request healing of those random thoughts that will serve you no longer. Clear your conscience! Clear out any thoughts you may judge as wrongful intentions. Pray for healing, and know you will receive and accept it-instantaneously-from your I AM Presence within!

We are your Family of Light. You are loved beyond measure, dear Ones. Be Light as you let Light Be!

6:10 AM