Being a Light Worker

October 14, 12:43 AM, Sitges, Spain,

Light Worker

Dear One,

Being a Light Worker, that is, one who not only spreads the Light of God, but who receives it for themselves so that they are nourished by Light, will find him or herself without hunger of any kind – no physical hunger, which is most often misinterpreted as a need for the body, but which often means the soul is not nourished sufficiently for its Light constancy on the Planet. But most of all, there is no Spiritual hunger either, as we who are with you nourish that Spirit to a high degree.

When the soul is constantly nourished, it means the purpose of Life has been well established and is being lived. It means the merging of soul and personality, of mind and heart is so far on its way that Life becomes an unending chain of miracles not only for the Light Worker, but for those around them. Miracles are signs that the blockages to Love have been removed. Love nourishes all parts and portions of that human life, and thus Love’s evidence shows up each moment of the day, and in unexpected ways. This is not something the Light Bearer may be aware of, until they watch closely what occurs in their day.

We can ask you, as Light Bearer, to recall what small touches of Light occurred in your time since coming to your present area of Planet Earth and then you realize, these occurrences came because you were the common denominator. The Light of your presence made them happen; from the traffic ease, to the right place for household things, from the right store for purchases, the sudden price changes to lesser amounts; from the sunshine in the right time, to the timing of a phone call. All these things are occurring because of the Light you bring into the lives of those around you.

While it is true that ” taking credit ” for these occurrences is not important, it is also true that these things would not happen without your Light present. Living in Gratitude supports you by easing the ego out of the attitude of pride. Humility is a natural state of being for a soul who knows that “I, of my own small self do No thing, It is the Light in me Who does the work” and the Light of God surrounds you in sufficient manner that “the work” is being done around you all the time.

How does the soul go about showing the Lighted way even further, so that miracles abound everywhere?  By forgiving those whose judgments may feel unjust and realizing that those judgments come out of fear of loss, fear of losing personal power, and fear of not being enough in their lives in the first place. Judgments always take over in the insecure mind. For most people, it is normal for a human soul to feel judged, being the recipient of judgmental statements. However, Light Workers truly know from within, that judgments say more about the judge, that the person being judged! Do not allow their fear to hamper your Light! Transform that fear into Light for them through the simple act of forgiveness. Yeshua said it during his most difficult moment, surrendering to God the judgment of those who wanted him dead. ” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”. Such committed prayer goes a long way to keeping your own Light bright and assisting the contribution of Light to the cloud of mass consciousness, thereby canceling out the energy of judgment for thousands of human souls in fear. Staying in the Light is one of the main tasks of being a Light Worker. Sharing that Light then becomes a natural way of living on the planet as healer and contributor of Light. We want to remind you, you are one of us!

Let your Light so shine that all around you other souls feeling separate from Light will receive permission within themselves to shine again also. As Light Worker, such is your current work on the planet.

That is all from us for now. 1:14 AM

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