Ashtar – 1


Channeled by Doug Kelly

July 19, 2005

I am centered and at Source. It is my pure intention to surround myself with the power and protection of my Christ Self, my Highest Self, so only the highest wisdom, clarity and truth flow through my consciousness now.  And so it is.

Greetings dear brother in the Light.  It is with great pleasure that we avail ourselves of this opportunity once again to flow into your conscious awareness from the highest realms of love, wisdom, and truth.  For it is indeed truth that you seek with all your heart and soul.  Your soul does indeed yearn to be set free from the illusions, the deceptions, and the lies that surround you in this now time on your beloved planet.  Your planet, which also yearns to be liberated from the dark masters of power that have used her resources for eons of earthly time, to their benefit and at the expense of the billions of beings that have been kept in the dark, so to speak, so that they may continue the accumulation of their ill gotten ways.

But let us not also become trapped in their net of power and intrigue by lending focus of attention on the dark side of the coin of unity.  Let us not berate what has transpired and dwell on the negative side within the illusion of earthly delights.  It is but for those of the Light to focus their attention and intention on the path of ascension that will lift the entire planet above the level of density and consciousness that you now find yourselves in.  The tide is indeed rising in the affairs of mankind and in the oceans of the world.  Much will be washed away and washed upon new shores in the geological scheme of things as yet unseen.  New shores and new pristine light will grace the New Dawn that is upon you.

Close your eyes and you can now envision the new horizon with clarity and delight.  The cleansing of the oceans and the land will bring new fertile fields to a refreshed countryside and forests.  The destruction of the planet will not be permitted in the ecological sense by those of the current power that would continue the abuse until life as you know it could no longer be supported on the surface.  Those of power have prepared themselves well below the surface so the destruction above is of little concern to them.

But the space ship Earth has a grand surprise in store for all who inhabit her sphere, be it above or below ground, and leaving this Earth ship for others in this solar system affords no escape or protection for those who choose to remain steeped in the negative density of their consciousness.  For the entire solar system is entering a beam of creation radiating from the center of the galaxy that will raise the vibrational frequency of every molecule of thought that has concretized itself into matter.  The very substance of mind is being bombarded by particles and waves of light that will lift all into a higher realm of light and love.

The last throes of pain and sorrow are being experienced now by all who will not let go and let the rising tide of awareness carry them to the pristine new shores of this water world — the water that holds the conscious imprints of accumulated thought forms of humanity, the sea creatures and the animal life of the planet.  All consciousness is being elevated within the consciousness of every unit of perception.  Every window of perception is being cleaned.  No more will this world be seen through the glass darkly.  It will be witnessed through a kaleidoscope of delight.  Hold these thoughts close to your hearts in the days and years ahead.  Know that there are strong arms that protect you.  You are not now, nor have you ever been alone in this universe.  Only the greatest of egos could believe that.  The skies will soon be filled with the certainty of that truth.  And the certainty of that truth will continue to be written on the Earth in the enigmatic symbols of the crop circles.  The truth is everywhere, when you choose to see it.  The truth is as close as the gap between your next inhale and exhale.  The truth in the relative world is, of course, as you create it to be.  The Truth with a capital T is.   As the tide of awareness rises, more truths will become self-evident, and you will come to know the truth that sets you free.

On behalf of the Galactic Command, I Am Ashtar.


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