After the Shift – Transition – Be In Peace

December 21, 2012, 5:55 AM


San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

The great prediction about the “Shift of the Ages” has come and passed. Everywhere across the planet people meditated and connected with the Mother. Many held in their heart a prayer for they feared this solstice would be the end of the world. Here we are on Day One of the Golden Age to come. The promise has been that we may finally be free of violence and war; that our Mother is a safe place to BE;  that Love has dominance over fear. This is the result we must work toward and one Humanity must think about, act on and move toward during the next phase of our Ascension, our new sense of awareness. Please comment and give us Your perspective on this event.


Dearly Beloved Earth Family of Light,

Our collective intention, Our Space Brothers and Galactic Family, are working in tandem with the Loving hearts of the many awakened Souls in Humanity. The sacred places on the Planet are filled with Light-focussed intention during these profound moments of Divinely inspired Human and Galactic attention. We see the powerful ring of Love and a closely knit web of intensified Light surrounding Gaia, protecting and assisting Her for the healing She has requested.

The Aquarian Water Bearer now pours his healing waters over the Blue Pearl in the Galaxy, greening and healing the Mother. The sacred water cools her fires and soothes the manmade wounds she has carried. Yet She continues as she always has done; to unconditionally and lovingly nourish and support her aggressors.Truly this is an act of profound Maternal forgiveness!

Beloveds, for many of you, the moment you open your eyes, it will seem like nothing happened. Many millions closed their eyes in sleep on the one side of the shift and opened eyes the next morning feeling as though everything is the same; ordinary and normal. As you turn on your television, your mind may still be caught up in the same disturbing news reports. However, remember from now forward; nothing that appears “ordinary and normal” is in fact so!

All those actions that appear to not have changed from your memories, have within them the seeds of the great change you desire. Judge not that which you see by its appearances, no matter how gross or dense the pictures may be! They are the illusions of your past memories. Today, your intentional call for Light and your heart’s focus of Divine Love has been seen and heard by the entire Company of Heaven. Your heart-felt call for change is all that is needed. Your consciousness has been renewed and will lead to a renewed resolve. Your actions follow as you indicate your deep desire for Peace. There is no going back; the path forward and toward Peace is clearer now that you know whereto you want it to lead. You will remember; YOU are the ones you have been waiting for to make the change! Thus YOU will be the ones to act according to your desire. You will not be alone in these actions! Never were you nor will you ever be alone in manifesting the changes you are calling for. Ask for Our help and We are present, with you in an instant to energize your loving intention and your request for Light.

During these times of transition, purification and cleansing will continue to lead to further movement in your physical and subtle bodies. You may become more aware of the varied physical and emotional symptoms of this cleansing. Your carbon based bodies are lightening and transforming into crystalline bodies of Light. Your dense energies will continue to be released. Your physical clearing will go smoother with willingness to do your own inner work. Meditation, consumption of light-bearing foods, focussed and conscious  breathing, plenty of clear, pure water will help your physical purification. Release any and all thoughts that you know do not serve you. Call for Light. Release all past pain and memories of struggle. In your moments of darkness, call for Light. Allow Love to guide your heart and mind as you call for Divine Light to show you your authentic Self. Bathe and Be your Self in that Light!

For some of you, dear ones, cleansing your bodies and purifying your thought forms will seem like too much work. You may decide to leave the planet in the next very few years. To renew your vehicles, to refresh yourselves with more Light, to return to serve Humanity in another way are choices any and all may make without judgment, blame or shame. You may have already completed your Soul Contract and bowing out gracefully is part of that completion. You do not need to suffer while you are contemplating your “departure”. There is no place to go! Your Consciousness will express the Divine in another form or appear to go to another space. You will always BE. There is no departure, merely a rebirth into a new awareness.

Either way, be clear; planetary travels in your current vehicles or in different and other forms, it is time to travel in Light, desire and request Light, intend and declare Divine Light in all your observations and situations. Healing is imminent and always available. Love is yours because Love is in you and IS YOU! You are awakened to Love, now!

Light and Love and Power has now restored the Plan on Earth! Rejoice and go forward.

Be in Peace!  7:25 AM