Pleiades Star Cluster
Sept 28th, 2011 – 2:40 pm, Casita, San Jose, Costa Rica

(following deep meditation and toning)

Dear One,

 These types of mid-day meditations will go far in clearing your day-to-day energy! Listening to our counsel is what you desire, but we also have other purposes for our communication with you.

 Are you, this Group, from the Pleiades, as I sensed these words and this energy?

Indeed! However the location of our energies is not to be thought of as important for our purposes. What the location indicates is that there are many message coming from this Place of our Being. We are everywhere! We share with those sensitive souls whose heart is open and will hear the power of these messages.

Each earth scribe has a different purpose for taking down these messages. Each one of our helpers, through scribing and listening to the nuances of our energy fields as they are received, will be getting their messages from different frequencies of Being. Just like there are different frequencies of human bodies, and many different consciousness within that group of beings, we on the other side of our Universe, have different frequencies and thus a different purpose than other Beings in our group.

 How would I imagine these differences?

For instance, part of our group is directed from our Teachers of the Higher Mind, to impress the minds of experienced souls on planet earth. Their job is to constantly encourage Trust to increase and to encourage these earthlings to work with us and advance their Soul’s purpose, their Contract in that way.

There are others, though fewer of Us, because of the energy it takes to do this, who are working with Light  Workers to increase their healing potential. The earthlings are constantly guided to increase their confidence and to serve Humankind in healing. They will clear the fogs and miasma’s of the human soul’s stagnation.

Still others, and these are fewer still of our Group, are directly guiding the more evolved human soul to direct in larger masses, the movement of Human Consciousness. These souls have lovingly sacrificed their personal self, to participate in activities such as writing books, giving lectures and in large groups of people, give information and energy so that Human Consciousness can come to a critical mass and increase to the next level. Another dimension of awareness and thought can finally occur. At that time the planetary challenges will be eased.

For earth time, it has been mentioned that sometime in the next year this jump in awareness, will occur. Your Mother Planet will undergo a large transformation, so that there will be more joy and lightness of Being in the mind of human consciousness.

the spiral clock

Rejoice! these times are not far off!

As for your purpose at this time, you are functioning on two levels, First as scribe, and then as global messenger, but on a scale you have yet to see. Trust Us, with these words. You do not see the “how” of these messages, yet, but you are a natural teacher and that talent will not go to waste as you sit in relative comfort of the tropical earth climate! The day will come once more when your words will resound in many ears.That is all for now. – 4:10 PM

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