Druids: Truth and Light

Sept 29, 2011, 12: 45 PM

Casita, San Jose, Costa Rica

Dear One,

To be resting in the hands of God takes surrender and trust. You have developed trust, and are willing to surrender, so that being held in God’s hands is easier for you now than it was in your past. When trusting and surrendering to the Will of God in You, there is another vibration, an energy which supports growth and thus with this new Light, we move further along on the path of our communication with you.

The Druid scenes you experienced in today’s meditation are a sign that you have had life experience there as a student and later as a teacher of the methods and minds of the Druids in England. The same experience with the Teachings of the Druids, have been inspiring and impressing people for many centuries, even before the presence of our Elder Brother, Yeshua who became the Christ. Your life then was inspired by the Truth and you lived among those other Souls who sought, who taught and who lived the principles of Truth and Light.

These principles came from inspiration as received from many of the advanced Souls in history who were in turn inspired to do the same, and so on. Some of those advanced Souls lived for many incarnations in the various Mystery Schools on Planet Earth. Some were discarnate Souls with Natural Gifts from God to share with those needing them in current times. These Souls remain even now, at this station in this Universe and are now our Teachers of Light.


The Truth Principles as learned and taught then are not new to many of you now. The familiarity with which you are feeling these Light thoughts are in your memory and an indication of a life lived then. Light, Love, Trust and Surrender were the basis of all the teachings of the Druids then. Their work with the Elements, with Elemental Life Forms, with the Earth energies and with Beings from other Planets as well as with one another, were so much a part of their lives that they could not live without the belief these Souls were all connected and at One with those Elements as well as the Divine Mind, the Source of the Inspiration by which they were guided..

Living in the Oneness of that connection, they were able to relocate easily by mere thought and without the cumbersome physical distances Humans must cover today. They had power to render many large objects weightless. With the power of the mind, they “lightened” them so they could build the many ancient stone sites for their communal celebrations, ceremonies and daily rituals. These stone sites today are called ” Sacred Sites” for a good reason! The powerful energies of those sites remain a mystery to many Souls on the planet today. However, to those Souls who lived there then and have returned to the Planet Earth, the Truth is still known, lived, and experienced each and every day of your lives.

Decisions were only made if they benefited the Grand Scheme of Life. Nothing was undertaken unless every one in the community was of the same mind. Harmony, Peace, Brotherhood and Light ruled those Souls in their lives there, although they also were often challenged by Souls who lived in separation from the Truth. Over years they also had their battles with extra planetary Beings, from Outer Space communities not of the same mind of those living on Earth.

As we continue along this path of communication, you will, in time, be given more information as We see fit, so that you may incorporate the same wisdom in your lives and teaching. Patience is of course the energy ruling these decisions. Your “Lightening Up,” is at work!

Blessed Be! That is all for now.  1: 23 PM