On Control and Surrender.

August 3, 2012, 4:35 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica,


I surrender my heart and my mind to the Light of the I AM Presence within. May this message be filled with the Light of Truth and help the healing of all Life Forms.

 Dear Friends,

 We are being informed from various Interplanetary Sources in the Family of Light that there are ways the Forces of Light are intensifying our Planetary energies, resulting in increased physical and emotional challenges for many Humans on the Planet. Please give us your wisdom on this matter.

Dear Ones,

Indeed, using your terms of third dimensional concepts, the Forces of Light are working overtime!

As we have told you on numerous occasions, when Light increases, so is the presence of the shadow intensified. Such is the experience for many Humans at this time. You are being filled with the energies of Light, healing the fear and doubt within your mind, your heart, your emotions. However that does mean Life may become challenging for those Humans who are loathe to let go the control of what they may believe is the only way they can live their lives.

The choice to surrender to the Light is always just that – a personal choice, though it sometimes may feel that you have none! Indeed – we say to you – you may not have a BETTER choice than to surrender, Beloved Ones! When you let go the control you believe you have, you will be able to relax into comfort! You have control only over your choices and with every choice you make from your heart, your Life will be simpler. Your heart will feel lighter. Your mind will relax and your body will heal itself of the stress you hold inside each cell.

We wish for you that healing experience, and, what’s more, you CAN have it! We remind you once more and at this time especially, “Accept and Allow” must be your mantra during your brief but frequent meditation times. Even five of your minutes will allow you to accept whatever is occurring in your fleeting moments of fear and frustration, moving the energy of that dense feeling into the Light of Truth. Your body will appreciate your kindness to it! Your heart will open once more! Resist not the various fear sensations. Feel them as they appear. Only at that time will they pass through you so that you become Light. Resist your resistance, and resistance will push back with greater intensify. Allow the feelings and they will transmute into Light. Lightness of Being is the result and is your Soul’s ultimate desire.

While there are many shadow-like forces on the planet intending to generate the energy of human fear on which these forces dine so generously, there are many more Light Beings whose intensions are ever more active to take away the food for the shadow! As you have often seen wars sometimes fought first in creative minds, then on your television screen, the conflict is hard fought but the Light Warriors ultimately and always win. Yet for those sensitive Souls on the Planet who resonate and are influenced by what they have seen on the screen, the battle depicted outside is also transpiring within their mind. The war of light and shadow rages within sometimes in its overwhelming fury.

Fear begets more fear and Light seems far away for these troubled Souls. The Beings of Light and the fear-inducing intention of the shadow is caught in an inner battle some Souls seem to be unable to conquer. Such is the case when a soul is inexplicably consumed with actions that are completely against any former patterns within their personality. Suddenly their outer behavior is the antithesis of their past life style or inner mode of thinking. During these very challenging times, especially in pockets where darkness seems to rule on the Planet, these observations are often noted in your news media and press reports.

Be clear, Dear Ones, that the evidence of such behavior is merely the clearing of karmic debts incurred by all those souls concerned in the incidents. Judge them not as you have no idea of the Light Forces that are also at work in these incidents. While We understand that such an attitude of non-judgment is difficult for you because you make up your minds based on “the seen and known facts”, you know not the facts as they are seen in the Light of Truth!

You, Dear Human, DO have control! You have control over your own action and behavior. You have control over your judgments and criticism. You have control over your mind and its thinking. You cannot control the destiny of another Soul but your own.

We encourage you to notice when you are wanting to do just that. Consider the consequences of your “meddling in the Mind of God”! Within the Universal Law of Action and Reaction, one response you may have is the meddling of other minds in your personal decision making. All of these situations you judge are merely the fulfillment of a Soul Contract and the lessons each Human receives for his or her own Life.

This is the attitude and action for all loving and inspired Light Workers:

  1. Remind your Self – and each other – these times are not normal as you define “normal”.
  2. Be constantly vigilant of your own heart, your mind, your senses and your actions.
  3. Notice when you are caught up in fear and do not act or make decisions based on that fear.
  4. Meditate several times daily even for a few minutes, to “intend” your mind into Light.
  5. Invoke or sing your new mantra: Allow…Allow…Allow…especially when feeling fear.
  6. Take regular time for connecting with Light and Love in Nature,
  7. Know that  “this too, shall pass” and feel gratitude for the Light ever within you…..

And that is our Message for Humanity today. May you always know this: the Light is ever within you. Our Love is always with you. You are never left alone. You have the power to Love your Self…..and each other.

We assure you of this: Light and Love and Power is now restoring the Plan on Earth..

6:20 AM,

2 thoughts on “On Control and Surrender.

  1. Kate

    Wow! So many of these sentences I need to read and re-read and take to heart.
    This is a big one for me:
    “Notice when you are caught up in fear and do not act or make decisions based on that fear.”
    Thank you for being the Messenger.

    1. Inger Post author

      Hi Kate, Nice to read your comment, thank you! I believe that statement applies to any and all of us, especially at
      this challenging time on the planet! I also love our Friends’ other messages, which continue to reassure us;
      we are not alone; we are being supported in the Ascension process by a huge representation of the “Company of Heaven.”
      Our Inter-Space Family is watching, guiding, controlling as well as eliminating some of the very dark forces
      that have controlled our very thoughts. I am grateful for that Counsel!
      Love and Light Blessings,

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