Emotions – Our Contribution to the Cloud of Mass Consciousness

Wed, December 14, 2011, 3:40 AM

Hotel Platjador, Sitges, Spain,

(Last morning in Spain)

Dear Friends,

After more than two months of travel away from home, and some inner and outer drama, I am really ready to go to my own space and resume some normalcy in my daily life. I am awaiting and looking forward to further development in my sessions with you. In the last few days I have felt an increase in the delivering information for me to study, even though I did not actually sit to listen to you. I feel it was part of the advancement in the process of scribing these messages. Please comment.

Dear Ones,

Indeed! We will continue to do our part on the path of preparation, clearing and enhancing energies in your field of vibration and honing your frequencies. Collectively, Humanity is receiving a vast amount of information in “packages” that are digestible for your mind to accept. We will continue to direct your minds toward these packages so that any further information that need will not be strange for your understanding.

From our view, the most important thing for humanity to do is to lighten your body energy, mind and heart regarding any family dramas. Drama will rob your energy taking you away from feelings of Love for your Self. When sadness and remorse take space in your mind it slows down the frequencies in your vibratory field. The emotional vibrations are affecting your usual sense of clarity and it would do well for you to allow them to pass through you, rather than see them as part of you. You are not your emotions. You have them, or have them not. It is always a choice.

We see Humanity claiming the slower frequencies of the emotional body as part of the collective energy field, which in turn leaves trails and clumps of slower vibrations in the Cloud of Mass Consciousness. We have been training you and many others to clear those collections through your visualization and meditation practices. When a Soul clears the energies within the Cloud, it leaves a happier and lighter frequency for others. When a Soul contributes to and deposits fear, doubt and emotional pain, the energies are lowered and everyone feels that as well.

As a conscious contributor to the healing of the Planet, you and the many other souls with that Life Contract must take their awareness of the effects of your thoughts to a new level of understanding and into action toward a Lightness of Being. Doing active energy work for the raising of Human Consciousness also means learning at a very personal level what the effects of emotional upheavals do to your own energy field.  We ask you to feel your heart at this very moment;

Do you have the level of Love and Lightness in your heart you had when we resumed this journey together some time ago?

No. I feel a heaviness in my heart area, and a sadness in my body. I am not sleeping deeply nor resting well and feel emotionally fragile.

For you personally, these feelings of grief and sadness have been triggered by the frequencies of an old war wound you have carried for many years. The wounded heart and painful energies are also in the Mass Cloud of the local area. A historic war experience of the Masses living in that space coupled with the feeling of being out of control for the many souls drawn to the city, has left its mark in the energy field. The local residents, living there for many years, have continued being pulled into that sadness and are still living with some levels of grief. Any similar vibrations, such as a vibrational experience of grief as you report, will not only contribute to the same Cloud and the field of energy, but you will resonate with the similar feelings.

You were there, a historically wounded energy place, during your last emotional family crisis. We encouraged you to remain there so that you could experience first hand how a Mass Cloud can continue its energetic contribution. You resonated with sadness, the frequencies of your recent experience. Leaving the Cloud behind will help to alleviate the heaviness of which you speak. However, being there presents you with a first hand experience to notice how many years have past and what amount of work is still needed to Lighten any Mass Cloud hanging where history has left a wound. This is especially true where the historic events are commemorated with structures and buildings holding war as a reminder of those events. That is as is true in that city as it is anywhere in the Old World.

Your heart will lighten as you leave the Old World and its historic events behind. However, having yet another experience resonating with war, will put you on notice to be more conscious of your sensitivity and what you resonate with personally. It is not necessary to re-experience the war within to have compassion toward those souls living within the Cloud’s influence!

On some unconscious level I must have drawn this experience to me, so that I could learn something, other than resonating with sadness regarding family dramas. I know I am sensitive to the resonances of certain physical areas, but did not know that war was still part of what I resonate with. I thought having lived in my home country again would have healed any wartime resonances by now.

On the contrary! Your energies now are more sensitive to those old memories of times past. During your time living within the energy and with those memories, you successfully learned to protect your body and mind from the history in which you chose to be born. In your absence from those memories, living in a field of relative clarity, though with a different history of conflict, your energies have sensitized again. You do not resonate the same way with the history and colonial conflict because it was of a different culture than your own experience in this life. You have Protectors and Guides to help with those memories. Choosing to visit, even briefly, a site where history lived in a war will automatically trigger those old memories. As you noticed, you also then simulated another war-like conflict within yourself.

Healing your own memories will contribute to healing many souls with whom you come in contact. Such is the function of being a Light Worker. Enhance your own inner Light by willingly doing the work and the healing will resonate with and for others. Maintain the lower frequencies and pain and that also resonates within others. We know where your contract has taken your Soul. Your willingness continues to do so. We are your Family of Light and support you with great Love.

That is all for now. 4:50 AM end.