A Message of Light

Thursday, December 1. 2011, 5:25 AM

Sitges, Spain


Dear Ones,

We have reported to you that the pain in your body, is due to energy workings on DNA, and frequency changes for the skeletal structure and especially the softer cells of muscles and ligaments in your legs. It is also partially dietary related, and you would currently do well to maintain a light diet without simple sugar and with fewer dense grains. Maintaining a healthy diet at this time will make our energy work with you easier.  At the same time, do not concern yourself about your ability to listen to our information. The completed messages are clear for those needing to read them at a later time.

Rest, sleep and relaxation and meditation are part of the need for any physical body.  Some light activity is recommended for both mind and body to clear slower energies. Taking care of Self, as a priority, may be the most important learning for you at this time. We are encouraging all our scribes in this manner, because the changes in energy and frequencies ascending on the Mother are affecting millions of people on her surface at intense intervals. Those souls sensitized for this work are especially noticing these vibratory changes in their physical structure. It is more difficult and painful to be in the physical body at times when the solar and electromagnetic energies are fluctuating. The frequency changes experienced at these times tend to give the sensation of heaviness and exhaustion. Though the heart and mind may feel light and joyful, being in physical form with pain as a distraction, such joy is often not experienced in the soul and with the senses. Accept and Allow! As well, take care of your own needs when this exhaustion takes over the body. Do not let your self be distracted into care giving for others.

This is an important time for the Light Workers on the planet. As global structures are pushed towards their changes due to the Ascension of Planetary Consciousness, any normal life as was lived in the past is passing through monumental changes as well. It is not the change that causes pain in the Mass Mind of the citizens of this globe. It is the resistance to moving forward that is the cause of the unrest in society and struggle within the little minds of humankind. The soul who is aware of the need of these frequency changes, and who knows that they lead to a better life in the future, does not resist movement and thereby has less pain on any level in their Life. This does not indicate a docile acceptance as a “victim of circumstance”. This does mean an active and conscious knowing and then surrendering to the Truth.

Although there is much fear regarding the loss of “normalcy in life” as lived during what on the surface looked like “better times”, this fear is dispersed when Peace is the promise and Love is the method. Light in the minds and hearts of mankind leads to lightness in all structures and an end to struggle. Ultimately that is the goal for all souls to experience. This goal will accent a better way of life when all of humanity will share in the abundance of the Original Plan.

We speak here of abundance to the satisfaction of human need – enough food, water, shelter, love and a sense of safety in their Life. We do not mean an abundance for a few souls controlling the needs of humanity through their greed. Monetary structures are failing because the Company of Heaven is inspiring those souls sensitive to the message to be aware of the inconsistencies in the working out of the Great Plan for Planetary Life. Objecting to injustice through greed of the few over the needs of many is part of the message inspired by the Ascended Masters and the Company of Heaven, to those with the heart, mind and means to deliver fairly and equally the abundance given for all of humanity.

While those still controlling the media report the negative aspects of their control, urging increased fear and unrest, reporting the rise in objections and demonstrations, currently there are millions of other souls quietly working with and in Light, giving Love. In time, Love will eradicate the same fear, leading humanity to a feeling of hope for equality and a fair share of all that is needed for a better life. In time, these many reports indicating actions of Love and Light working through sensitive souls will dominate the media. Light will take over the negativity of current media, because doom and disaster in the little minds of humanity will be less interesting than the many acts of kindness and love also occurring everywhere.

Healing the fear of doom, gloom, disaster and destruction in the Cloud of Mass Consciousness will do much to bring the consciousness of Humanity to the Light and to a critical mass where then the Power of Love will demonstrate dominance over the love of power. If each human soul can see the importance of his/her own contribution to Mass Consciousness, he/she will keep the mind from adding fear. Instead, the soul will actively pursue Light thoughts and Love actions with other souls, leading to Light and Love and Healing of the Cloud, and filtering the same for humanity.

“Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth” 6:40, end