Ascension for the Animal Kingdom

Wednesday. May 9, 2012, 6:15 AM

Victoria, BC, Canada

May the I AM Presence guard and guide with Divine Light this message brought through my heart and mind. May this message serve the Highest Good in everyone and be given for the healing of the Mother and all Life forms. In deepest gratitude, so it IS!


Dear Friends,

You have spoken about the Ascension of Human and Planetary Consciousness all through these messages. What happens to the animals on our Planet when Planetary Consciousness is raised. Does the consciousness of the Animal Kingdom change as well, and how? Please comment.

Dearly Beloved Ones,

The acceleration of awareness or what has been termed the Ascension of Planetary Consciousness occurs when the frequencies of Light on the Planet are increased. Love delivers these higher frequencies of Light to all Beings everywhere while ALL Planetary life changes its vibrational rates. The movement of vibrations of Light permeates all Life Forms, including plants and animals on the earth. Oceanic Life vibrations are also on the rise as water takes on a new oscillations. The Water element is filled with more Light and raising its frequencies alters the pulsations of everything within.

Humans have already noticed and remarked about the intelligence of dolphins and whales, because they have been studied in the watery deep by your Marine Biologists. What is little known by Earthlings is that inside those intelligent bodies are souls from far away planets who have come to Earth Mother to be the forerunners, allowing themselves to be studied for this very purpose – to indicate there is other intelligent Life on the Earth than in the Human Soul. In Truth, the Consciousness of mammals in water as well as elephants on Earth is not yet understood at being at a very high level. Whales, dolphins, porpoises as well as some fish are Conscious, thinking Beings with Souls that entered those bodies to indicate to the Human species that they can learn to communicate with other species including those which Humanity once thought of as having lower intelligence.

More information is given in the increasingly higher frequencies of Light, which in turn is delivered to Earth through the Power of Love. All Beings sense the changes as they increase inner awareness and observe the world outside seen through their physical senses.

There is a little known element of these Earth changes of which we wish to inform you. Elephants and Whales are communicating with each other as well as with Humanity and desired to be studied by your social scientists. Souls in those physical forms are indeed highly intelligent. They bring messages for Humanity from the Intelligent Life Forms on other planets. You will be able to listen and interpret their message in time, but it is important for the Human mind to be open to that possibility. The continuation of increased vibrations of Light will bring Humanity many opportunities to become educated by these advanced Beings in their physical animal form.

While there will always be instinctual behaviors of the hunter and its prey, there is a clear indication to Humanity that the once unchangeable laws of nature in the animal Kingdom are also in flux. The balance in nature is kept in tact by the animal kingdom’s  instinctive behavior. Even so, animals once fearful of their enemies, are becoming consciously aware of these vibrational changes and show evidence of losing their fear.

The lion and the lamb laying together as symbols of the Peaceable Kingdom was thought of by Humans as impossible. However We say to you that the symbol has at its core the acceleration of Light, Love and Truth in Consciousness. Thinking of this Truth as a possibility is the promise of the New Planet Earth. If this is possible in the Animal Kingdom, how much more is it a promise for Humanity that your Lions in society can lay with your Lambs? Indeed! Peace in Human Consciousness is the purpose of the Ascension Plan orchestrated by the Master Mind of Creation.


We see that Light and Love and Power is restoring the Plan on Earth. Rejoice and Praise Be given for your continued cooperation!

That is all for now. 7:20 AM



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    1. Inger Post author

      Thank you, and please remember, this information came from an inspired Source – Our Friends in the Pleiades!
      I am merely the scribe for what They present. Please come back and find more inspiration for your growth.
      Blessings and Light,

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