Kuthumi – 4


Cropcircle - Temple in Giza

Channeled by Doug Kelly

August 17, 1996

I surround myself in the Light of the Christ, and open myself to channel only the Highest Wisdom and Truth that flows through me now. And so it is.


Greetings my dearest friend.  I say these words of welcome with warmest affection.  It is I, Kuthumi, returning to the forefront of your unconscious in this Now moment of time.  It has been quite some time now since you have allowed my thoughts to connect with you in the most appropriate fashion.  This connection requires that you remain relaxed and allow each word to be revealed in a continuous flow of thoughts and ideas.

And now for the information at hand.  The world is being prepared for the good news that your space brothers have been involved in the affairs of mankind for some time now in your history.  All of these encounters have not been of the highest order, but none the less necessary in the grand scheme of things.  The movie “Independence Day,” which you just saw, is in most part fiction, although you and many others are aware of previous ET contacts with third dimensional vehicles.  The interference and destruction by invasions would, of course, be against the Prime Directive of non-interference by highly technological civilizations that would seek to destroy earth as we know it.  So, rest assured that this is not the kind of contact that will be witnessed.

The airwaves will be interrupted during Prime Time for three days in sequence by the Ashtar Command.  There will be no other explanation for these occurrences and the word will be revealed that your brothers have been protecting this planet for millennium and it is part of the Father’s Divine Plan that this race of beings be upgraded in dimensional frequency in order to assure their rightful place among the planets of this galaxy.  This writes like fiction, but at times truth is far stranger than fiction.

The majority of the inhabitants of earth now fully believe that you are not alone and would be most willing to accept contact at this time. The military is organizing a series of announcements that will acknowledge the involvements with extraterrestrial life.  The higher dimensions of Love and Light are, of course, what your connection has been about and it is hoped that your mission will come into play to assist in explaining the phenomenon of the Ashtar Command.  The Templar will be reactivated through the gridlines of the activated electromagnetic fields of manifestation, with the full knowledge and acceptance of higher consciousness of the planets.  Its implementation in the 4th and then the 5th dimension will be accomplished with grace and ease.

Your experiences in Costa Rica are for you to fully and finally come into the flow of Now moments in order to love and let go, offering your light and most kind affections to the ones you touch and love, a most pleasurable assignment, I might add.  The Costa Ricans are childlike in many aspects, spiritual in nature, and know fully how to live in the moment.  In many ways they are far more prepared to enter the Father’s kingdom on earth than your brothers and sisters in the north.  So, pass on the word of what you have experienced in their human nature.  They truly do follow their heart, and at times frustratingly so for you.  But as you release each so-called failed encounter, you allow the space for others to enter your field of light.  All is in order and to be accepted, I believe you are now understanding the lessons to be learned.  And once fully learned, the peace that passes understanding will be the way and truth of your life.

Love, allow, and let go in each moment, and the great river of life will flow through the warm currents of your heart and your head.  The balance will be achieved in short order now, and your path will be a delight for all the loved ones you encounter.  Go with grace and ease.

In the light of the most Radiant One, I Am Kuthumi.

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