Silence the Ego’s Need for Control

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 2:40 AM

San José, Costa Rica

I ask the Light of my I AM Presence to guide my heart and mind in receiving this message. May it serve the greatest good of all Beings everywhere, and promote the healing of our beloved Planet Earth, So it may BE and so it IS.


Beloved Ones,

The current climate of change in Planetary Consciousness is leading to the massive quickening of mental and spiritual energies for Humanity’s energy bodies.Your physical bodies are undergoing rapid movement and increases in vibrational frequency,  changes. These are leading you into some physical symptoms that may make it uncomfortable to be in the body, especially for those of you resisting the raising of these frequencies. These varied symptoms are but temporary and put your mind and body on notice that the raising of vibrations from a dense carbon physical to a crystalline Light body is ascending Humanity into the fourth and fifth dimension. Resist not those movements and the changes will occur with ease and be relatively pain free. However, as with any resistance leading to friction and heat, if your mind is in fear of the change causing fearful thoughts and emotional upheavals, your body will respond with frozen fear symptoms. Pain may be the result of those fear-based thoughts. Our continued counsel has been to resist nothing that is occurring, but allow the process of change to move you out of your fear and into the Light and Love that is ultimately your inheritance.

Be IN One Mind, OF One Mind and Guided by the One Mind, the Mind of Prime Force, Creator God, the Light within your Heart. There is no need for fear. Why must you fear that which has been the intention of Oneness and from the Oneness was promised to you in your earliest Beginning? Know this: the Mission, for which you came to the Planet at this time in Its evolution, is destined for success! Resist not the successful outcome of this Mission; Oneness with Light! Be clear in your Mind that you chose to come to experience the Oneness intended and allow that Oneness to manifest in your Mind and your reality.

Why is it that we Humans often feel so fearful of any changes?

Your ego has a need to control that which your mind cannot control. It is the ego’s desire to hold onto the illusion. The ego thinks that it is your right mind. The ego wants to bring forth convincing arguments to which you, the personality, is expected to listen. If you, dear Human, are unclear about the results or outcome of any change which appears on the horizon of your life, you may have a tendency to listen to that illusory ego-mind. The ego’s demands shout to your mind about the truth of its illusion. Only a strong will and a willing heart will sit in silence as it calms the ego’s shouts. Listen to your Soul as only IT contains the Voice of Truth and fills your Being with Light. Take this as your notice; the Voice of Truth is patient and does not nag or shout. The voice of the ego is impatient and wants to be right without having considerations about the Soul’s joy or happiness. The Voice of Truth wants only the Light of happiness for the Soul and Heart of the personality as well as for its vehicle which is expressed as your precious and ever changing body.

You, Dear Ones, are not to be led by your fear! Make no decisions based on the voice of fear. For some of you it may appear to be the dominant voice. This dominance is the demand of the ego’s illusion. Allow the appearance of any fear to go into the puff of illusory sleep to which it belongs. Awaken your Selves and be guided by your Heart. Listen to that clear and loving Voice. Heed not the voice of your personal self, the ego-self that may have forgotten your original Mission. While the ego seems desperate to remind you of its intention by the shouts, by its incessant nagging, do not allow it to dominate your mind. Be Still…and Know the Voice of Love as you seek Truth in your times of Silence. Ask for the Voice of Truth and be imbued by the Light IT brings into your heart. Take time to BE. Ask for Light in your Silence, in frequent periods of meditation, of contemplation and be intent on deep listening. Doing so will bring you back to your Heart, the True Right Mindedness as it is in the Oneness of your Light.

Ask and it is given,

Seek and it is found.

Intend and knock and all doors to Light are opened.

You KNOW Truth and Truth sets your mind Free.

We are with you in your question. We guide your seeking.

We observe your doors opening and We rejoice as each one of you finds freedom in Truth.

And so is Truth expressed. Amen.

4:10 AM