Release the sins and the sinners!

February 18, 2013, 1:50 AM

Calgary, AB, Canada


I ask my I AM Presence to keep all personal thoughts out of this message, and guide the images and words in my consciousness. May this Message serve for the Highest Good of all Beings everywhere. So It will BE.

Dear Friends.

Just now I awakened from a dream wherein you reminded me about the earliest times You gave me messages more than thirty years ago. Although at the time I was not aware of You as the Source of the inspired writing, I knew very well that it did not come from my own mind. I am concluding that this dream was your message to resume our sittings after nearly a month of rest. Please comment.


Dear One,

Indeed! We see your readiness after your month long pause of rejuvenation after what We observed was a hectic time in your Third Dimensional Life! Now that you have completed the continental move and are ready to embark on your new life, once more We desire for you to serve as scribe for Our Messages, given to you and to those who are attracted to them.

Although the information We present will not be new, We see a new influx of readers needing the energy of these messages. The encouragement We wish to impart for each New Human Life, each curious mind will lead you all on a new quest, an inner search for Truth. In fact it is this Truth that has been told since the beginning of time on your planet, but that has not always been clearly understood. For some this Truth is known as “a Secret”. For some it seems to be a secret that is not known. Since the unprecedented shift in Planetary and Human Consciousness has begun it is no longer unknown, but lays where it has always been; deep in the Field, from where All Possibilities are seeded into the Mind of Humanity.

   And what is that Secret that was not known for so long?

This “Secret” is no longer a secret, but is becoming a well known fact for all Humanity. The Light of Creativity and the Power of Manifestation lies not only in the Hand of God, but in the Consciousness and Mind of all Life. YOU, Dear Ones, create your Life on Earth. YOU are responsible for all you see, all YOU think of, all you have and all you do in your day! Taking full responsibility for ALL you see and think of and therefore create in your life, makes YOU the Light of the World, the Creator of what you want and the Healer for all your hurts.

In this new phase of Living in your Ascended Human Consciousness, no longer will Humanity be able to “place blame” or be “the victim” of what is noticed “out there.” NO thing is “out there” Dear Ones, but all that is created is first in your mind and responded to by the Light of Manifestation. This may also known to you as “the Love of God”! Whenever you exclaim that short phrase: ” For the Love of God”, know that you could also say: “For the Power of my Light”! and know this Truth:. YOU are the Power of the Light;  That Light brings YOU the information you need, it is YOU that brings your life all Joy and Abundance. Taking control of your Mind will help you realize that YOU are the Light of the World! From that Light you manifest; from that Light you give your Self ALL that you think you deserve. If you think you deserve more, you will create more. That Truth will be realized in your own Heart. Your Creative Mind will reach into the Field of All Possibilities and your Life becomes one long string of Precious Pearls and Gems of Goodness.

YOU are responsible for what you think! In this new Age of Awareness, more than ever before, what you think about you will bring into your life. Be conscious therefore about what you think! Even the slightest, seemingly insignificant thought can deliver to you a situation in which you will realize: ” Oh my, I was just thinking about this the other day, and here it is!” The oft quoted idea: “be careful what you ask for” will have new meaning, because what you ask for will come into your existence faster than at any time before!

How can Humanity become more conscious that what we bring onto our life IS what we want, rather than what we do not?

Our Counsel to you continues to be the same as always: clear your mind through your daily periods of sitting in stillness, with conscious breath, observation, meditation and contemplative prayer; let go of your ideas of old; release the “sins and sinners” you have been carrying for so long! Release your mind of fear and guilt and you will encourage all those in your life to do the same.

Center your mind in Light. A mind centered in Light has no space for fear or thoughts of holding yourself or anyone else guilty. Lead your Heart in Love. A Heart focused on Love has no place for anger nor will it keep others guilty of some imaginary or illusory “wrongdoing”. Know that ALL that has happened in your life and every roll player in each experience has been drawn to you by your own consciousness for YOUR advancement and the completion of YOUR Soul Contract. Show up in each of your days with an attitude of gratitude for all the teachers your have earned and lessons you have learned. Release your teachers from blame and your lessons are released from pain. Free your Self of all that causes pain and you will live with what you have gained; a life of Wisdom, Love and an unfailing Abundance of Good.

The cosmic and energetic assistance for this clearing of your conscience is ready and in place now that the frequencies of Light and Love are higher and ever growing higher. Light and Love and Power have restored the Plan on Earth. Accept and Live with this Truth and your magnificent life is restored according to the Plan.

We observe you without ceasing; We Love you beyond measure; We see your magnificence at all times. We ask that you grant your Self the same, Dearly Beloved Ones.

That is all for now. 2:55 AM

1 thought on “Release the sins and the sinners!

  1. Tom

    Hi Inger. What a great message and a timely reminder to us all that we are the creators of our life here on earth and those around us are the actors in the play which we direct.It can be very easy to blame others when things go wrong and we then bring our energies down. When we realise it was part of our plan we stop blaming and start doing something about it, our spirits lift and we are away again on our path.
    We have the power to disempower or to empower.So when the joy stops its time to remenber and choose. Hope all is going well in your new home. lots of love and light.xx

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