Release The Brakes!

Calgary, Canada – Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 5:05 AM,

May the I AM Presence, God in me, all Angels and Guides clear the energy for this Message, that it may be received and given for the Greatest Good of All, for the healing of the Mother and all Her Life Forms. And so it IS.

Dear Friends,

 Considering the questions received from several people in my recent past regarding the reading of these Transmissions, I am pondering; Is this the time to be passing them forward to a greater public heart? Please comment….

Beloved One,

Indeed! During the past few weeks in Earth time, We, in cooperation with the Company of Heaven, have been pouring energy toward the Earth and her inhabitants. All Humanity is the changing and transforming their DNA, the energy for greater Life Force, and toward a greater clarity of Humanity’s Mind and Heart. These energy enhancements have been gently streamed into your Collective Consciousness. The growth this implies for Humanity indicates there is a preparedness in larger and various circles for these Messages as well as for the many and varied Messages of other scribes. All are being given the Wisdom of the Ages from the Sages who teach now and have taught in times of Earth’s past.

The time for massive transformations has come in preparation for Humanity’s greater transformation of Mass Mind, as Love enters the Heart with the information given through Light. The Truth of this Wisdom will be perceived as just that; Truth. Open Hearts and Minds are now receptive for what is to come, and inner preparedness is now a fact.

How do I plan to put these message out for a greater public? What form should it take? How much editing needs to be done?

The plan for publicizing these transmissions has been placed in your heart for some time. You have sensed it as you have brought the message out to more and more people in a gradual way. Now is the time to release the brakes! Using the newest methods of moving these writings into the public eye. Through electronic means, create a blend of message and art. Focus on form and beauty. Celebrate the Mother’s natural beauty through photographs for the inspiration of each message to enter the heart of the reader, spreading the news of what is to come. Instill faith for the future and trust in the process for the reader of these transmissions:

“Trust and Surrender; Your Future is Secure.”

This is the message of Peace. This is the Light of Truth. This is the Love to be given.

That is all for now. – 5:45 AM

To you, the reader: Ask and it shall be given!

 For several weeks I have felt an inner urging; that it may be time to bring these messages of Hope out to a greater audience. In this most recent week, I have presented several of these transmissions for the greater public, reading them first to individual students as we met. More recently the message regarding Initiation was read to an entire class of Reiki students. The response has been very gratifying and they are asking for more. One person asked, ” Where can I find these on the Internet?” He was thinking they were written by someone else, and that the Internet is where I found the message I read, appropriate for the initiated students! This last incident, coupled with earlier suggestions from the few of you who are already reading them regularly, convinced me of the need to now bring them outward for larger audiences. Hence the question to my Friends. Their agreement is clear and without doubt.

 I thank you all for your support and encouragement. It is without question the most convincing fact in the decision: “Now is the time to release the brakes!”

I pray for help and guidance in this next phase of this work.

 And the beat goes on….. and on…..

In Love and Truth,



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  1. Clemente

    I definitely knew about virtually all of this, but having said that, I still thought it had been helpful. Sweet blog!

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