Goddess of Grace – 1


Channeled by Doug Kelly

July 23, 2004

In the Light of my Mighty I Am Presence, I open myself to the Divine

flow of consciousness and request a message for our Sisters in the Light.

And so it is.


Dearest ones,

Dear sisters and brothers, know that I Am the Goddess of Grace.  For don’t you realize that every Divine attribute in God’s Kingdom is supported and maintained by an energy essence?  Every vibrational signature is held in its essence by the loving embrace of a Goddess energy.  The feminine Divine attributes can be identified as those that arise from the “feeling” nature of mankind as contrasted to the “mental” nature, the twin flames of duality.  For all realms of matter are by their nature and design duality based  —  male and female, yin and yang, positive and negative.  There are no judgments to make in these two poles of a continuum, just as one would not call the two poles of a magnet good and bad.  So, in this moment I am going to address the Divine attributes of my Goddess Being, for it is the Goddess energy, the Mother energy that will embrace the masculine energy and bring that flame back into a unified flame within the hearts of both men and women.

My sister in the Light, Lady Master Kuan Yin, and I are close associates in the Ascended Realms in our service to mankind, or should we not say humankind as not to place the predominance on the male principal in this moment.  However, this is a distinction that is of concern to our sisters trapped in their duality, and of no concern in the realms of Light, that have transcended their duality nature and yet maintaining a strong feminine principle.  Let me say the Goddess energy of Master Kuan Yin is associated with the Divine attribute of mercy.  Mercy can be thought of as compassion in action, and compassion is not to be compared with sympathy.  Sympathy is a human,  emotional feeling that sees some poor souls as less then themselves and fails to see the God self within each of the humblest of God’s children.  Compassion is a Divine attribute of the feminine principle and is the God force in action.  Compassion can offer a helping hand when called upon, but from the position of realization that each soul has created their life experience and challenges for the lessons they have chosen to learn on their path to mastery.  For all are on their path toward mastery in this lifetime and those to follow.

Now let me address the Divine attribute of Grace.  We at times hear the expression “By the Grace of God,” or “there but for the Grace of God go I,” and, of course, the most recorded song of all time, “Amazing Grace.”  Yes, I Am the Goddess of Grace, and I will extend my Grace or unconditional forgiveness to all who will in their heart of hearts call upon me.  Grace is what seems to be from a duality perspective an act of forgiveness that is undeserved.  But I can tell you from my perspective, by Grace, all is forgiven, for in truth there is nothing that requires forgiveness, as difficult as that may be to comprehend. 

In the world of pain and suffering and evil that humankind acts out upon each other, it is difficult to imagine that all is forgiven.  For it is out of ignorance of the Divine Laws on a planet of free will that humankind is allowed by Divine Decree to create and experience all that can be witnessed in the daily dramas of life.  Yet know that all is energy with a vibrational frequency.  With the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.  So in any situation of abuse, both parties, by their vibrational frequency, have brought themselves, unconsciously, together to participate in the drama that unfolds.  And, it is by Grace alone that all are saved, all is forgiven.  So if in any situation you find yourselves lost and wish to be found, then know with certainty that I am with you. My Grace I give you. 

I give you my Grace.  I Am the presence and power and glory of unconditional forgiveness.  Go with Grace and ease.  I Am Grace.  And let me add this final thought.  If you can extend your grace, be graceful in all situations that confront you, in that moment you will be in your mastery.  If you can maintain the vibration of my essence at all times, you will have achieved the ability to be in the world and not of it.  By the Grace of God,  I Am the Goddess of Grace.

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