Transmissions Through Doug Kelly

Doug Kelly, Aug, '12
Doug Kelly,

Born: June 9, 1941,

Atlanta Georgia, USA


My earliest memory was when I was about 3 months old. I felt myself as a spirit, looking from above at a child in a baby carriage, prior to incarnating. My last thought before I committed to enter that baby, was: “I can’t believe I agreed to do this again!” Then instantly I was “imprisoned” in the baby’s body, and I panicked, as I felt smothered in a blanket.

At aged 13, while in a Methodist Sunday school class, the Sunday School teacher spoke about Jesus during the time when he said to his disciples: “Did I not say the great works I do, and even greater, you will do also?” At that moment, an Inner Voice said to me, “Yes, the great works I did, you will do also – but not until you are fifty years of age.” The Inner voice has spoken to me at critical times in my life and I can remember the words spoken in about twenty such moments

I graduated from Tulane University, School of Architecture in 1964 and University of California, Berkley, Masters in Architecture in1965. I worked as an architect for many years, travelling to study in England and working in the Middle East, among other places. I practiced Architecture and Art while living and working in Boston for twenty years.

In 1965, visiting with my cousin who was doing research at Stanford University in laser technology in his laboratory, he showed the earliest research in holographic science. My cousin demonstrated a glass plate with swirly lines on it and turned off the lights, held the plate and projected a laser beam through the plate showing a holographic image of a vase of flowers. I walked around the image and put my hands through it. Then he turned on the lights and said: “All the information of the whole image is on every part of the plate.” He then threw the plate on the floor and broke it into small pieces. He picked up one piece of the plate with tweezers, turned off the lights and projected the same three-dimensional image of the vase with flowers. My Inner Voice said in that very moment, “This is the nature of God and the Universe. The whole is in every part.” I expressed this message to my cousin but he dismissed the comment, saying all the information is on every part of the plate.

In 1969, that very same holographic concept of the Universe was presented for the first time to the Royal Academy of Physics by the Quantum Physicist, David Bohm, four years after my inner voice spoke that Revelation.

At age 49, in 1990, I was initiated into Reiki in preparation to do healing work. The first opportunity was three months after my initiation, when I received a call from my Father. He told me that based on a CAT scan, my Mother had 3 inoperable brain tumors and was not expected to live more than 3 months. NO cancer treatments were given as the doctors believed her condition was terminal. I flew to her bedside in Memphis Tennessee and for one week, I treated her with Reiki, and cupped the back of her head while visualizing Jesus coming through my hands. I then went back to work in Boston. Two weeks later my Father called me to say: “Since you left your Mother has been fine. We went to the hospital yesterday, and had CAT scans done on her brain. The results showed NO tumors! “ The doctors could not explain this healing except to say, “Spontaneous Remission”. This was the confirmation of the message I received when I was thirteen years old.

In 1993, I practiced “Stream of Consciousness” writing for six months before being trained in a seminar and certified by the Tibetan Foundation, headed by Dwjal Khul, one of the Ascended Masters. My certification acknowledges that I am a “Certified Channel for Teachers on the Spiritual Plane.”

In 1994, my love of Art, the practice of Architecture and my spiritual writing merged together when I received a message from Master Kuthumi, regarding my role to complete the artists renderings of the architectural plans for the lower chamber of the Templar, a seven level pyramidal structure. This is existing in the Seventh Dimension and is destined to grace the earth when it enters the Fifth Dimension, the next Golden Age on this planet. Based on this guidance, I moved to Albuquerque NM, and worked with the channel, Norma Milanovich, along with Simon and Linda, who at the time of my arrival had already completed seventy sheets of architectural drawings and sacred geometry to a four decimal point accuracy. I completed my role in nine months with the water color renderings.

I was then guided to move to Costa Rica in 1995 where I continue to reside as a permanent resident. I still practice Architecture and receive Guidance. In 2004, I attained the Reiki master’s degree in the Systems of Usui, Tibetan and the Way of the Heart. Since becoming a Reiki master I offer lessons Reiki One and Reiki Two and continue to give hands-on as well as distant Reiki treatments. I am also an Architectural/Planning Consultant, enjoy painting in watercolor and oil, and play tennis and golf. I continue to receive Higher Guidance from these transmitted Messages as Humanity and the Earth prepare to enter the next Golden Age, often referred to as “The Shift of the Ages.”

All is in Divine Order and in Divine Timing.


Doug Kelly, Escazu, Costa Rica, August 27, 2012




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