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Sunday January 15, 2012,12:30 AM

Casita, San Jose

Dear Friends,

After writing the messages from Metatron, I feel like my activities and my mind is being monitored and you (and He) answer my inner search for answers to some of the questions I have regarding this work and especially regarding the guidance from Him. Please comment….

Beloved One,

Indeed! We have spoken to you often; we are as close as your breath, as near within you as your mind will let you believe. Monitoring is one word you could use, Guiding is another. In our education for your soul advancement, it is our purpose to guide the questions, as well as the answers. How can you receive and accept the answers if you have not the questions in your consciousness? Therefore we urge your research, guide your reading material into the direction it is taking, counsel your heart with the questions and then present the answers in our time together. Your mind and the discussions with those very few souls you trust with this work, are directed by our presence.

I do not feel your Presence with or within me except when I am consciously sitting with you for these messages. I know you must be close when I see the direction these messages take as one of my discussions or thoughts is brought out to become the subject of a transmission. I have wondered where the direction of these messages is going, and also when we will get to the time they can be more public. You said you would make that obvious to me. There are three people reading some of these messages now who all observe they would be beneficial and in time may serve a wider audience.

From the beginning of our time together, many years ago in your life, we have counseled you about the nature of these messages and the encouragement they will bring to many other human souls. We have reported to you when you may pass them onto a few other people for their perusal. We have moved your consciousness into trusting the quality and accuracy of your ability to receive these transmissions, and we are getting near the time when the suggestions of your friends will be acted upon.

As you have correctly noted to your Brother in Light, this has been and is a process for your mind and in your time-frame. There is no goal for you to reach. There is a path for you to walk. There is however, a direction we are moving into with you and the thousands of other beloved scribes for these messages: their faith, their trust and confidence in what they are receiving.

That direction is also very true for you. As long as you have doubt about the truth of the words you are ‘hearing’ within you, the time for public eyes and hearts to read these transmissions has not yet arrived. Your fear would attract so much comment and your energy field and the fragile part of the Self would be so affected that our work with you could be disturbed.

We have reported to you that we are working within your mind and on your energy field, your DNA, stepping up frequencies of your cellular, hormonal and skeletal structure, while encouraging your mental qualities of self confidence, trust, surrender, acceptance, growth through openheartedness. We have encouraged you to meditate and take gentle care of your physical form so that the frequencies you need for our work can be intensified as your consciousness is being raised. These steps are necessary action steps for increasing the size of your auric field as well as for your ability to receive ever higher and refined frequencies of Light. With these ascended frequencies will come ever more refined information also.

For you and for the many others, because you are living in the third and fourth dimension, your vibratory rates cannot be raised into higher frequencies of Light any faster than what you are currently experiencing without damage to your physical and etheric bodies. By observing your bodies, we see when you are already symptomizing the stepped up frequencies, and we slow down our ever increasing vibrations to those frequencies you are able to receive and integrate physically. If We, in cooperation with our scribes could do this process any faster, We would do so and report that to you.

The fluctuations in Light intensity from solar flares affecting planetary electro-magnetic fields are such that caution for the vehicles of our scribes is the primary concern we have as guided by the Company of Heaven.. Fluctuations are only going to get more intense as the frequencies of Light increase in vibrations. Much of humanity will notice these changes in their physical and etheric bodies more often. Sometimes daily or hourly in your time frame the electro-magnetic waves in the protective shield of the Planet Earth fluctuate to such a degree they are felt as storms of energy and as such affect the vibrations within the human body.

Mentally and physically the body feels these changes by suddenly experiencing extreme tiredness, pain in the most sensitive parts of their body and emotional changes in a downward spiral, with symptoms of temporary depression and melancholia. All these effects are part of the Planetary and Human ascension in consciousness, but we are encouraged by our Teachers to take extra precaution and give protection for our many Light workers, nevertheless. The owners of the affected body will do well to listen to those symptoms and take action to rest and refresh their energies through positive influences such as being in silence, walks in nature, music, visualizations of Love and Light for the body, energy treatments, connections with loving relationships and inner movement through meditation to help them change those effects toward the gentle vibrations of Love.

This message to you, prompted by your questioning comments at the beginning may, remind you once more that there is no time or destination for you to concern yourself about. Merely walk this Path with us as your Guides and all action to be taken will be “at the right time” for you and the recipients of these messages.

Be, in Light! Be, in Trust! Be, in Surrender. All is well in your Life as you listen to your heart and bring Light to those within your circles of influence with the Light of your consciousness through empowering, Love-filled conversations and action.

You are Loved and the Beloved. We are your Friends in the Family of Light.

That is all for now.

1:40 AM




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