Inger Droog, Reiki Master
San Jose, Costa Rica, June 21, 2012

Dear Reader,

From the beginning of the thirty plus years of time listening to and sitting with the energy of our Friends, They have been profoundly supportive in my personal and spiritual development. I have listened to and written down their Counsel during personally tough times like divorce, a change of careers, moving continents – twice – while they always inspired and supported the new steps I undertook to grow. As They have said: “We are as close as your breath!”

In September of 2011, They made it clear to me once more the importance of committed personal preparation for the challenging times during the year ahead. They reminded all of us how these times of planetary changes and preparation for the Ascension of Human Consciousness necessitates doing our own spiritual work through daily meditation, prayer and contemplation. They encourage us consistently with the following words: “Accept and Allow so you can Grow and Glow in the Flow.”

At times, during the sittings, that are almost always between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 AM due to the clarity of energy then, there are often energy shifts as the Group changes during the entrance of what I refer to as different “personages” for the transmissions. During these shifts of energy, I am sometimes a bit confused exactly what They want me to write down.

Our Friends also have a surprising sense of humor. This was proven during these three sessions posted on this page. During the first part of the session, the energy seemed quite ‘normal’ to me, but then it intensified and was dramatically different from what was familiar. A bit further on I noticed I was just not accustomed to sensing or “hearing” the words from the new-to-me energy of Serapis Bey, one of the several Ascended Masters using various human scribes for Messages for Humanity during these changing times.

After the first session, in which I admit to being a bit “cheeky” to my Spiritual Counselors, as answer to my question about whether I am hearing and writing the “right” words, They sent no less than 40 new visitors to this website, and all in the span of only 3 hours! Never in the 7 weeks since creating the site, had we had such an “email storm” from the comments section! And all of those visited were from different countries all over the world and left wonderful and supportive comments!


Well!! I do believe I then “got” the message!


This Message dialogue, and is really a personal transformational process. Several members of my family have encouraged me to share this with the public, because may people may question what it is like to do this work. We then felt it needed a separate page rather than merely posting it with the rest.  Even though these messages are an example of a very personal process, I agreed because I do believe this transmission series may serve others who wonder “if” or “how” they are possibly called to sit and listen to their Galactic Supporters. For me, personal growth continues and I am grateful for the profound blessing of this work.

I appreciate your interest and I trust that you, too, are spiritually nourished by the content of these messages!

Light, Love and many Blessings as you “Grow and Glow in the Flow”

Inger J.F. Droog


Heart Light
Saturday, May 12, 2012, 5:30 AM

Victoria, BC, Canada

May my I AM Presence, the Divine Light in me guide this message into my heart and mind, May it serve for the Highest Good and the Healing of the Mother Planet. May it support Humanity and All Life Forms everywhere. So BE it, with deep gratitude.


Dear Ones,

As we guide your consciousness into a new direction today, we ask you to completely surrender all your ideas of what needs or should be delivered. We of this Group have information that is important for your Human development into Light Beings as the quickening of Light and energy continues to pour forth into the beautiful Earth.

We love your Mother Planet for what it has brought us when it blessed us with our Life while We lived Our Life there. We love our Sacred Mother for her faithfulness. Through her trials and all the Human misunderstanding regarding her as an alive Being with feelings, She has endured much while continuing to give Her best; Her Love, Her Light, Her Body and Her health for the sake of all other alive Beings she has supported.  

We Love Humanity and see all of the Good Humans do for one another. We see the collective Human soul as a Precious Creation given to the Mother with the same Divine Intention from Prime Force Creator, in which the Mother was Created and granted Life for Humans and the many Beings on other galaxies to appreciate Her Beauty. In the collection of planets, Earth is the Pearl, a Blue Island in a grand sea of galaxies, a sacred place for Humanity to advance Consciousness in a way no other planets anywhere could provide.

The Mother Planet is lovingly called Earth School by many of Us in the Group because on Earth we advanced our awareness while attending the University of Life. We learned about our physical Life, our psychological make up, our Spiritual Selves, through the gift of Free Will granted to our Soul by Creator. There is no other place or any other galaxy could teach us what we learned; We lived the Oneness as was originally intended.

On Earth we increased our sense and awareness of Who we were meant to BE. We raised our Consciousness while We lived in our individual Soul Contract and with other Souls until we chose to serve our Human Family from a timeless space in our Star System. From here we can observe Our Soul as we are guided by the Masters, Our Teachers. We can see and feel the needs of Humanity. Remember, we have been with you and often physically live among you. We know what the challenges of Human Life in Earth School may be. We know what we have created through the energy of our thoughts and intentions. We see you, dear Humans doing the same!

I am thinking and now… I am speaking aloud to You Dear Friends, I need more clarity regarding the words you want me to use. I do not know if I am hearing you correctly.

Beloved scribe, please do not concern your self about the accuracy of our intended transmission. We ARE guiding the words into your mind from Our Collective Heart.

I just do not FEEL Your words in the same way as before. Is this Voice a different Voice than has been with me recently? I so want to trust that this message is going in Your way, in the right direction, but this energy is unfamiliar to me and I am concerned that what I am writing is not what you tell me!

Indeed, We are being refined also and have been teaching the new Messengers. Our Master is encouraging you as our scribe to listen carefully while you hear Her transmitted message for today.

I hear Serapis Bey?  is that correct?

Yes it is I, beloved scribe, Serapis Bey, your speaker today. All is well with our transmission connection. I want to tell you about your Beloved Earth because I have  lived and loved and learned there also. Please do some research regarding my energy and interests.

But I heard ” while you hear HER transmitted message for today” and in reading about You just now, You are not female energy, but masculine as the : Lord Chohan of the Fourth Ray” whatever that may mean. WHy are you referring to Yourself as Her?

I represent and bring forth the discipline and maternal energy of the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit, the feminine third of what you may understand as The Divine Trinity. This energy has been sensed by your body as feminine, although I carry a balance of both masculine and feminine, You are more familiar with the Feminine and the Divine Mother for obvious reasons.

What ARE those reasons YOU call so “obvious”? It is not so obvious to me. Also I want to understand the strong emotions I felt at the beginning of the dialogue.

Beloved scribe, you do not need understanding of your emotions, you need control over them. When the emotional body controls the mind used in this work you will be hampered by it. You have a tendency to disappear into the emotional body while the work we are doing is progressing more slowly with that interference.

What IS this… The Disciplinarian Serapis at work? I feel what I feel, and that has brought me into this work. I have to be able to trust what I feel when there is such a change in energy. While I want to do this work and be in this partnership with the Group of Friends, and I am willing to be further honed and trained, it is important for me to discover what the different energies mean. I have never before felt Your energy, and did not trust that I was NOT my own head that was writing the beginning of this message!

I feel the need to sleep.. to let this part of the message become clear and integrated. Please allow me time to do that now.

Indeed, Dear One, We encourage you to listen to your senses. We will continue this message later.

7:17 AM



Sunday, May 13, 2012 6;15 AM

Victoria BC. Canada

Dear Friends,

After yesterday’s confused irritation and with the energies I was sensing, I looked with interest at my attitude and the strength of my emotions while receiving the energy and transmission text from Serapis Bey. 

I was in a bit of shock and surprised at Your response and your humor, through the comments made on the site! At the same time I do appreciate the confirmation messages through the many comments on the site about the Messages we have posted. Thank you for your humorous way of showing me it is all working!

Please help me to understand what was going on, so I can get on with the work. What do I need to do or change to easily facilitate this work with you?

Dearly Beloved One,

You have accurately received our message regarding Our work together!  You think you need confirmation from an outside source, to increase your trust in Our sessions. We want to continually encourage you to release the nagging doubt as well as your fear of “doing it wrong”, that still is raised into your ego-mind. Please remember this is not who you are; it is the fading remnants of who you were in a distant past that show itself when your doubt takes over the control of Our energy.

We are clear. We need you to transcribe these transmissions into text for the common person to understand. Notice the comments, inspired through our energy, regarding the reader’s feelings. The response is a positive way to the message he or she found. Is it not clear to you that the manner you have chosen words for Our impressions is serving well the non-native speaker of the language you are using?

Yes –  it seemed to be appreciated that the text was read as simple and understandable even for those who do not have English as a native language. Thank you for your way of showing me this. I cannot doubt anymore that it seems to work for the reader.

Now… what do I do with the intense energies that occur when Ascended Masters choose to speak during our time together? While the energy is intense, it does not yet lead to a clear understanding of the words I am to use during the transmission. Please help me to clarify or find a way to serve the transmission as well.

The energy you note as intense, is a higher frequency of Light due to the Light Body and the energy field of the Masters speaking. This energy is similar to what you feel from us, but on a higher vibratory rate, meaning it is less common to your body. As you maintain a Light filled food diet, your Light frequency will increase also and you will become less confused about the vibrations that fill your body when We or any of our Teachers “speak” to you.

Accepting the energy vibrations is part of what We have termed the honing and training process We have undertaken together. Your part is to notice the energy, accept, allow and then respond with the Light filled text descriptions of our message. Our part is to bring clarity into the message so that your part is done easily and without much discomfort.

There will always be unfamiliar energies arriving into your field as long as we are increasing your vibrational rate while your body is in your third dimensional reality. Some of that unfamiliar energy may feel uncomfortable but it is not dangerous and you remain safe. It is important to notice there are moments in your day in which your body frequency may have increased vibrations which are leading you into the ascension of energy and into the Higher Consciousness of the Field. It is Light information we transmit into that Field that you then translate into the text of your choice. Please do not be concerned about whether you choose the right words. As you have now noticed, we also are within your heart when you review and correct or even edit some of the word choices. The final product, the message as presented for the public, becomes clear and is received with the value We intend. You are a good listener. Hearing is not only about transcribing the energy but understanding what happens in the Field. All that is going well and we acknowledge with pleasure the artistic results shown for the public to find.

Thank you. And this reminds me; there are technical means we can use here, ways of increasing the volume of readers that find the Messages site. I personally had thought it should be a natural and organic process; that is people will be lead to it when their time is right in whatever way is easy for them. However, You have shown me that You have influenced that flow of traffic. Is it then “the right thing” to do; use electronic technology to increase the reader traffic toward the Messages? And what do we do about the offers for financial support?

 We have indicated that any offers for financial support are to be accepted for doing the work as well as maintaining the equipment you are using. When you are receiving that support, it indicates you are accepting the many ways the Universe is available to increase energy of all forms in your Life. Accept these ways with grace and gratitude!

Human’s ability to invent and use the new technology as a way of making Life easier is one of the many gifts of this time in your history. It is the intention with which these technologies are used that brings Light energy increases into your Life or conversely, reduces frequencies of energy, just through your thought processes. Intending and using technology for Light purpose helps increase the Light flow. If you use the same technology with guilt and doubt or negative intention, it will decrease the flow. Your intention indicates which flow you desire. Your task is to check your mind and choose with your heart. Then take affirmative action in whatever direction your choice is made. We share Light, Love and Power. You accept the same with your clear intention.


That is all for today. 7:30 AM


Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 12:12 AM

Serapis Bey

NW Calgary, AB, Canada

May the I AM Presence, God in me, guard and guide my heart and mind for receiving this message. May all Beings, seen and unseen, be served with its Light of Truth and Wisdom. So May it Be, and So it IS.

Beloved One,

I am Serapis Bey, Lord of Light and Master of Love.

Your Trust increases, Dear One, as you are given evidence, yea, even physical proof of Our Presence and influence through the many responses to our Light information, Our Love’s Essence, and Our Truth as given through the inspired Word. Was it not a glorious surprise to know that We, dear scribe, sister in our Family of Light, are with you? We teach as We speak. We Love as We Teach, and We bring Truth into your heart and mind. Have no doubt in your sittings with your Family, as truly, We ARE your Family. Our Love guides your heart and your mind. Know this as your Truth also.

We raise your vibration and will continue the message as it was given to you before the brief moment spent in doubt:

Before our Ascension, once living as Humans on the Mother Planet, We remember our physical Life on Earth as one filled with Love and with learning. Our heart was imbued with Light as each of the lessons we requested was presented for us to experience. We yearned to complete Our Soul’s desire for a Blessed Reunion with Light, for Unity with each other. We came to this beautiful Planet to express Our Love and appreciation to Prime Force, Creator God, for all We were given. As We lived our earthly lives, each one of Us in our own time, We gave Our continued commitment to Light.

We were sent, each One according to Our Soul’s desire, to Earth to teach our Human Brothers and Sisters about the use of Power in Light, about the Great Light in the Mind of God, of which each of us were a Divine Spark. We came with a Message and a Mission – that of learning how to empower Humanity for the Good of All Life. Our method was to teach each Human Soul to discover the Power of Love while creating all things needed with their mind. Together we constructed the great Temples of Light in various highly magnetic and energized crystalline places on Earth. These places of Light and Power attracted those souls who recognized their own Divine Presence. Yet they would learn there, through periods of challenge, whilst ascending in Consciousness and live in Oneness with the Divine.

The Spark of Divinity within each Soul had been given Knowledge and Free Will, to use Light and its Power in creating all Good for every living Being. For several thousands of years all was well. Societies on the Earth’s lands blossomed. Earth Souls learned and used the Power of Light, expanded in Consciousness, experienced the Divine in the Heart, while Peace and Joy, Beauty and Abundance governed the Heart of the Planet.

Interplanetary visitations occurred regularly to observe Earth’s Utopian Life and admire the great creative crystalline structures of the Temples. They came to energize themselves in our Power Centers and traveled freely from their home planet to ours, until the forces of darkness tainted the intentions of their visits. Ownership and control was in the mind of our once welcome visitors. Secret plans for control were planted and  ruled in the fragile minds of some of the native Earth Souls. Misuse of Free Will and abuse of the Power of Light began to crack the once clear crystalline purity of the mind as well as the beauty in the structures and temples. A great cataclysm was the result and the once pristine state of our land and the Love in the Heart of Society was lost in the deluge of floods caused by great upheavals within the Earth.

The rebuilding of societies to return to the once great cultures of Power and Light and Love has been continuing for several thousands of years now. Never again since the great cataclysm was the Earth and all its Peoples governed by the same Knowledge and use of Light. The battle with the willful forces of darkness had influenced and shattered Human Mind. Free Will to choose whatever seemed easy had affected the working of Light in the intention of Mind. The Souls returning to Earth with Divine Light in their experiences of the past, find the lessons in their Contract ever more challenging and fraught with decisions that only faintly remind them of their former power. Ignoring the working of Divine Laws of Life has brought Humanity almost to the brink of another global, indeed galactic disaster. We cannot allow that to occur this time because the force of that disaster through misuse of the power of Human inventions would destroy not only the Mother but our collective Planetary Home as well.

The Company of Heaven guided by Prime Force Creator, has been bringing a message of Light and Love to Humanity in both clear and subtle ways for many of your years. Humanity’s mental intention and your intent is important for your survival. Share of your abundant gifts with every being on Earth and balance the Power you have been given. Realize the Power of Light in the Mind and use it wisely to create a societal construct of balance, of Love for all Creation. To this completion we are now in partnership with Humanity. To return to Divine Justice We bring you Love in the many Light filled messages given to you in many ways.

The Ascension of Human Consciousness is not only a vision but is now becoming a reality. The frequencies of Light are increasing. When Light increases in intensity, Love rules the Heart of the Planet once more and Peace among Humans is its message and ultimate result. There is not much time to wait now, dear ones, as the Plan of Light and Love and Power is now dominant in the Consciousness of Humanity. The struggles you are still experiencing and observing everywhere are merely the last vestiges of holding on to control by the few who have already lost it.While Earth is still cleansing Herself through quakes and storms, We are also seeing the calming Breath of God within each Human Heart increase the certainty of Peace in each Life.

Surrender to the Wisdom and the Light in your collective Heart. You no longer need to seek for Truth; it is already awakening in your Soul. Know it and Live! Light and Love and Power maintains the balance. Peace, Joy and true Prosperity is the ultimate Gift.

Prepare your Heart to Know the Truth and set your self Free!

That is all from Us for now. 2:35 AM





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