Kuthumi – 6


Galaxy - M81

Channeled by Doug Kelly

June 5, 2004

Greetings my dearest brother in the Light, for it is truly the Light of the Christ, your divine spark and conscious connection to the Source of all wisdom and beauty and truth that surrounds you that is indeed the truth of who you are. The Light shall set you free from the worries and cares of the day as your path is cleared before you.  No need to take the machete and hack a trail through the jungle to your chosen destination, as you align yourself each waking morning to the Light of your Christ within.  Your life will unfold. The path will open before you as you move with grace and ease through the final days of the tribulations. This is what your soul has prepared you for.  This is the destiny of your soul, your lightest aspect of who you are.

And just what is the destiny of which I speak?  It is truly the destiny of all beings who grace this beloved planet, this ocean planet of blue, floating in the outer reaches of a spiraling galaxy.  It is the destiny of all to experience a most profound transformation in consciousness.  It is a destiny that your galactic brothers and sisters are gathered here not only to witness, but to assist your race of beings as they experience the transition through a 3rd dimensional level of reality (now for many the 4th dimension) and soon to be the 5th dimensional vibration of Love and Light.

As the planet chooses, has indeed long ago chosen, to raise its vibration at the completion of its 26,000 year cycle around the Great Central Sun, all atoms with their swirling electrons of pure potentiality are increasing their rate of motion.  Remember that the smallest particle or component of the atom is not a particle at all, but a wave packet of energy, a wave packet of Light.

And what is energy you might well ask?  Your science can only say that energy is the ability to do work.  So the universe is made out of ability, a strange notion.  And what is this ability?  It certainly is not a solid thing, a piece of matter, for how can you measure ability and find its weight?  So, let’s call this ability pure potential, the potential to do work.  Now let’s change our definition of what all is composed of the potential to manifest.

Earth Sunrise
The universe within all living things is at the most fundamental essence of reality, the ultimate reality, the pure potential to manifest, to create the heart’s desire, and then the question always comes back to what the heart desires.  For in order to manifest out of the limitless sea of potential, there must be the thought, the first cause, the desire to move in a certain direction.  For one cannot arise from bed each morning without the desire to move the covers back and lift the body from the night’s sleep. So, what do we desire?  This is not entirely an individual decision to be made.  For are we not all parts, all fragments of a unified whole, while always remembering that each fragment in a holistic universe, contains and truly is the whole.

So what does the universe desire, and what does your Mother the Earth desire?  Your Earth, the beloved Terra desires to come back into balance, to rid itself of the abuses it has long suffered at the hands of its human occupants.  Yes, it is the time to bring the Earth and the affairs of men back into balance.  And how can this be accomplished is our next question.  Can you sense that these questions are leading us somewhere?  Well, all can be accomplished by raising the vibration of the swirling packets of light photons, of which all is made manifest out of infinite potential.

You start with the essential essence of all that is by increasing the rate of movement, and all must follow.  A higher vibrational rate will cause all lower vibrations to resonate to the higher.  This is a universal law, the law of resonance, or the law of vibration.  So, to bring itself back into balance, the Earth is in the process of raising its vibrational rate, which will cause a dimensional shift, to a 5th dimensional experience.  For all vibration is expressing as energy in motion – pulsating and oscillating as wave packets of light.  Each holographically-tuned cell of your bodies is beginning to resonate to match the higher vibrational rate that your Mother the Earth desires at the end of this cosmic cycle.  The rate of vibration is increasing from 7.6 HZ to a new base frequency of 13 HZ.  “Let’s rock and roll” — but not out of fear but into a love-based frequency.

So, beloveds, this is the game plan, the Divine Plan.  As members of the “Ground Crew,” these words, this message, is delivered in order to provide a clearer understanding of the process that all will be going through, including the so-called dark forces.  Photon light packets will bring all back into the Light.  Recall the “Matrix,” where the clones dressed in black were vanquished by the Christ Light within.  For surely the darkness must also return to the Light and then all will walk upon the face of this earth in garments of Light.  Godspeed be with you in the days and years ahead.

Lord Kuthumi

I am Kuthumi

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