Kuthumi – 5

From Master Kuthumi

Channeled by Doug Kelly – 1994

I invoke the Love, Wisdom and Power of my beloved I AM Presence.  I surround myself in the Light of My Christ Self and in the Light of the Most Radiant One, My Master and Brother, Lord Sananda.  I ask that only Highest Wisdom Flow through me now.

Greetings in the Light of the Most Radiant One.  I Am Kuthumi, your master, teacher, and friend in the Light.  I come to you this early morning to partake in the Divine essence of the Tree of Life — the Tree that reveals God’s Plan for each soul’s embodiment and particularly the embodiments that are destined to build the Templar.  This great work requires your full measure of attention and devotion to duty.  The hand that writes these words and seems to move on its own accord will put the colors to paper that will reveal the life of the Templar.  Dwell in your mind’s eye and in the images that will be brought to life.  Become one with the spaces that are to be depicted.  Feel the energy flow through you as you visualize the scenes that will honor the truth of ones being initiated into the mysteries revealed on the lower level.  Descend the stairs from Level 2 and partake of the affairs and movement, the festivity, the prayer, the dancing, the contemplation and, yes, the enjoyment of food.

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