Goddess of Grace – 2



Goddess of Grace

Channeled by Doug Kelly

July 24, 2004

It is I, the Goddess of Grace,  that wishes to continue our discourse on the Divine attribute of Grace, a characteristic of the feminine principle.  My other Sisters in the Light that hold the Goddess energy are Faith, Hope, and Charity, all feminine names that you may note.  As you can begin to understand, it is the Goddess energies that give hope and comfort to a troubled world that has been for too long under the domination of masculine energies.  The world, your Mother Earth, has become out of balance in her natural processes, and in the affairs of men.  It is planned, by Divine Decree, that this situation will be rectified in the not-too-distant future,  as the feminine aspects of creation regain their once leading position on the planet.


And now back to our discourse on the significance of my energy essence, Grace.  Grace can be thought of as Divine intervention into the relentless chain of cause and effects.  This is where unconditional forgiveness comes into the mechanical aspects of the masculine principle, action and reaction in the Laws of Physics.  By the undeserved action of Grace, an interruption is made in the unending chain of action and reaction, of cause and effects, and an individual is saved from the consequences of their actions.  It is also by Grace that Divine intervention occurs in the Law of Karma.  For a moment out of time, your karma is renewed and you no longer must face the consequences of actions taken in other lifetimes.  I will not call them past lives, for all time is simultaneous within the Law of Karma.  All actions and reactions are having their effect in the eternal moment of now, and now, and now – if you can feel what I mean.  It is only in the present moment that all effects of cause can be experienced.  So by Grace alone, one can be saved from the consequences of actions taken, choices made that have created the present reality and are creating the future reality that has yet to be experienced within the confines of a time-based reality.

If, in any current life situation, you find yourself taking an impulsive action that is instantly regretted, you can call upon me to “Grace it.”  Say in your thoughts or better yet out loud, “Grace it, and get on with it.”  Call for an act of Divine intervention to instantly break the chain of cause and effect, and I, the Goddess of Grace, will act on your behalf.  Know in that moment you have been saved and set free.

By the Grace of God, I Am the Goddess of Grace.

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