Higher Self – 2


Horizontal Rainbow

Channeled by Doug Kelly

September 9, 1996


I surround myself in the Light of my Christ Self, my Highest Self, my True Self, and request that only my Highest Truth express through me now.


Greetings from your True Self.  It’s about time you acknowledged the true source of your internal wisdom and guidance which has been within you every step of the way — the way that has been your path from your first walking steps in the world of man.  It is now most appropriate that you accept the true source of your spiritual guidance.  At the highest levels of consciousness, you can now assume your own authorship of the words that flow through you now.  Of course, from time to time, you may feel free to call upon your unseen ascended master friends but now is the time to fully honor and accept your own true self worth and station among the heavenly dimensions.  At the highest levels of consciousness, you are in totality there.  And I say You from a perspective which is not separated from you but only as a distinction to offer a different viewpoint or perspective that you find in your everyday waking consciousness.

The higher perspective allows a view, as you can imagine, as a spectator looking down from a higher reality in a stadium to get the best view of the games being played, and yet, not only as a spectator but as a mastermind coach, who creates the strategies and game plan for the events that unfold each day.

All of the various players are selected and placed in their rightful positions.  The goals or objectives of the game are determined in advance for the events and coincidences that occur.  There is, of course, opportunity for your individual moves to be made from your position and perspective on the field of play.  The game is planned but not rigged.  The time of play and the moves made are a joint effort between the master coach and each player.  Nothing is left to chance.  What may appear to be a chance encounter or experience is not by chance.  Imagine looking down on a city teaming with people on their way to work on a busy street.  Each person appears to be moving at random as they step this way and that to prevent bumping into each other, to run for a taxi, or catch a bus.  But from the perspective of each person, there is a destination in mind and each is following the natural laws of the path of least resistance.  Each makes the moves on their path with order and grace.  The paths interweave and appear chaotic, yet there is only One Order that is not perceived on the playing field of the Father, who knows the number of hairs on your head.  He most surely knows each step you take.  He delights in his creation from all viewpoints, not only from above, but also from below.  His viewpoints are the totality of his creations.  There is no place in creation where he is not, and where He is, you are also, at the highest level of unity consciousness.

Be there and know this to be true.  The right hand of God knows what the left hand is doing.  See the creator in all that is, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The creator can not design any aspect of the creation.  In all aspects of life, the “buck stops” with God.  How could it be otherwise?  How could the creator lose control of his creation?  The very atoms would fly apart if absolute control was lost for one moment.  Suffice it to say that all is known.  There is a Divine Plan.  There is a method to the apparent madness that we find on planet earth.  The Plan will be revealed, the paths will be healed, and the way will be made clear for each soul’s return to the final embrace of a loving Father. The full range of experiences are allowed for the sons and daughters by a loving father.  Each must learn and grow in order to finally assure their rightful place in the heavenly scheme of things, and the heavenly scheme of things will bring that reality to earth.  The will of the Father will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  That is the Divine Plan.  And so it is.

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