Higher Self-5

Channeling from the Higher Self,

I AM-Presence

by Doug Kelly

September 28th 2012, 4:00 AM

Costa Rica

I choose to invoke the full Love Power an Wisdom of my Higher Self, The same Self that is not mine alone, but ours and ask that I receive Guidance beyond my conscious mind, from the celestial realms of my multidimensional Self, So Be IT!

The question that arose you from your sleep at this hour in the New Dawn, is the question of just how to explain what the term Ascension means at this very unique cosmic moment of Now in the year 2012.

Ascension, like the whole universe, is a unique frequency of vibration, energy and consciousness bonded together in the universal matrix of all creation by love and light, and of course love and light hold the highest resonances that bring all frequencies closer to Itself.  As by the Universal Law of Resonance and Attraction, the higher vibration brings all lower, less frequent vibrations in alignment with itself, like the chimes of a number of clocks that will come into resonance with the chimes of the highest resonance.

All Beings on this planet and all Beings on all planets in this solar system are moving through regions of space that are currently being impacted with higher frequencies of photon packets of energy. They are raising the vibrational frequency of the electrons that compose all forms, and the consciousness of all forms within the physical dimensions of matter, and also, the higher, lighter etheric dimensions of consciousness and form within this multi-dimensional universe. But for this moment let us stay focused on this particular planet where Beings who are reading this message are currently residing. This planet as a conscious entity, as all objects of physical form are conscious entities that hold their electrons in a specific form, is currently raising its frequencies and consciousness. This is what the ascension, the rising up into higher vibrational frequencies, is all about at this time.

Your Mother, the Earth has held a 3rd density physical energy for millions of years in order to support the evolution of all Beings, their forms and consciousness. Your 3rd density or dimensional scientific paradigm, as you might note, does not include consciousness with all their equations. Of course all their beautiful scientific equations would not spring into existence in the physical realm of perception if their was not a conscious entity to create them in thought and manifest them into the Light of day so that they could be observed and contemplated.

The current scientific paradigm of the greatest human minds still chooses to ignore from all their mathematical equations, the very consciousness that they indeed are to the very core of their being. It is most important to grasp this truth now if an understanding is to occur within the process of ascension of consciousness and thus of all forms that are now underway. Very shortly all conscious entities, all beings will no longer be residing within a 3rd density purely physical experience. The Earth, Nova Terra, is in the process of increasing her being and all forms that will choose to come along for the ride into the 4th dimension of space, time and form. The New Earth is moving into the 4th dimension with or without you. The natural transition of physical death of the body is always available to those will choose to move in with their eternal spirit to another 3rd density planet that has been prepared for them, so they can freely choose to continue their cycle of rebirth again and again.

For those who read these words, know in any event, that there is no death that can truly touch your magnificent spirit and soul. You are held; your identity is forever held, in the loving embrace within the Mind of Universal Consciousness of the Prime Creator.

And for those who will freely choose at this time to embrace the Planetary Ascension into the 4th dimension which will, within a few more short years offer the grand prize of life and love of the 5th dimension. For now, let us take one step at a time. It will however, be a giant step for mankind, far grander than stepping onto the moon. But that is another story.

So the best advice that can be given at this time is to be open and loving to all possibilities within your consciousness, which will be projected onto the New Earth that is coming into realization. It is the process of being made real.

Be awake an aware to the realms of all possibilities.


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