Higher Self – 1

Higher Self

Cosmic Swirl

Channeled by Doug Kelly

July 3, 1998


I surround myself in the Light of my Christ Self, my Highest Self, which is my connection to the Divine, and ask that only the Infinite Intelligence flow through me now.  And so it is.


Greetings my dearest one, my one of the One and the many, My Twin Self as an expression of its attributes, talents and intelligence that you possess as Me.  In the 3rd dimension of space and time, know that you are Divinely protected at all times.  Know that the Divine dwells in you and in all creation.  The Divine is who I Am and who you are, and who All That Is, is.  So, it is as it is, as it was, and as it will always be.  Worlds without end.  Amen.

The Truth that you know is inscribed in every cell and in every molecule of your body, and indeed in all matter.  For matter is but the crystalization, the outward expression in form of the Divine Mind, the One Mind that is both mine and yours.  The Divine Mind is who you are, indeed, who All That Is, is.  Need we say more.  But, of course, there is always more to say, more to do, more to touch, to feel, to sing, to enjoy, to live the dance of life eternal, the eternal life that is My gift to you as Myself — expressions of the One Intelligence dancing the Dance of Creation through its spiral of infinite space — the dance and the vibration, the ebb and the flow of spirals upon spirals.

I await and I watch.  I watch through My eternal awareness, My awareness that contains and yet transcends all there is that I Am.  I seek the opening to My Highest Consciousness in all my creatures and in all my creations.  The time is Now for that opening to Highest Consciousness to become a flood gate that will most fully and surely open within the minds of men and women on this planet you call Earth.  This consciousness, this Higher Consciousness, is rising as the tide also rises in the affairs of men.  With this rising of the tide, in the movement of creation, the tide necessarily need not recede for eons of time.  The organizing principles have much further to reach highest expression before the Universe collapses into itself, Myself, once again, just before the next expansion.

When all around you appears to be deteriorating and breaking down, know that this is but a cleansing that is making way for newer and ever higher manifestation of creation.  The old order must change in order to make a place for the new.  Only the best and the brightest will transcend this round of the creation-cycle to enjoy new expression in the new world, the New Age, which is upon us.  So, only express your heart’s content, your heart’s desire, and give no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow is but the next breath away and you give no thought for your next breath.  Plans can and indeed should be made, but events will most surely unfold as if manipulated by unseen hands.  This creation does have a script that is the creation of Divine Mind, and that Divine Mind, need I remind you once again, is My Mind.  Your life is My Life, your love is My Love, and your pain is My Pain.  There is indeed no thing outside of who I AM and there is no thing outside of who You Are.  These truths are not yet self-evident but they shall be, for that is My Plan.  That is the Divine Plan, that it become self-evident that all of my creations are created equally, with the equal and full potential of the One Intelligence to express consciously through the All of All That Is — a fully conscious creation at-One-ment within the One.

And it shall be as it is.  Amen

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