Djwal Khul – 2


Channeled by Doug Kelly

Djwal Khul, the Tibetan

November 19, 1994

Mighty and Beloved I Am Presence, I surround myself in the Light of the Most Radiant One and connect with my Divine Self, and ask that Highest Wisdom and Love flow to me from the Ascended Realms now. I would like to connect with Master Djwal Khul on any subject of his choosing.


My dearest Brother in the Light, as per your kind invitation I am Djwal Khul, speaking through your thoughts this new morning of the New Dawn. It is good to have this opportunity to connect with you again after some absence in consciousness.  Of course, we were officially connected with your initiation and acceptance through the Tibetan Foundation.  As your certificates clearly stated, you are a certified channel for the Hierarchy of Light as attested to by none other than myself.  So there is no cause to doubt your abilities to receive messages from not only myself, but other members of the Great White Brotherhood that you would wish to become acquainted with through this medium of thought transference. For this medium of communication is indeed what must be developed by all dear ones who would wish to have access not only to their Higher Self, but to the other Higher Realms of thought, manifestation and Love.

And now for some words of information from the 7th dimension of the vibration frequency with the Father’s  Many Mansions, for the Many Mansions are quite simply the dimension of vibration frequency of the One Energy that pervades the universe.  From this level of energy, density things appear quite different than within the third density or dimension, as it is most usually referred to.  When ones contemplate the future of their life and the Ascension of the Beloved Terra, there is some difficulty in describing the way that it will be, or how it will unfold.  It is like trying to communicate to a fetus in the security of its mother’s womb what it will be like to be a fully matured human being.

Speaking to a third dimension race of mankind, we must now explain what it is like to be a Galactic Human Being.  Although there is most assuredly a Divine Plan for the transition from Adam human to Adam  Kadman Human or Galactic Human, we are in some since “flying by the seat of our pants,” as you say, in bringing this to a New Reality.

This is, in truth, the first time the Father has directed that an entire planet with all species of life on it be transfigured into a higher vibration frequency in totality.  In the past history of your planet, certain individuals have ascended and even civilizations, but not the entire planet with all life forms.  This is a decision that your planet, your Mother, has made for Herself, as a conscious living entity.  This was the Divine Plan that was established in the beginning when you as higher conscious entities made the choice of descent into physicality into matter, to test the limits of spirit in matter.  In order for this to be achieved, the veils of separation from our Source were drawn down over each Divine entity that willingly chose to participate in this grand experiment.  So no mistakes as such have been made, although the difficulty of this process was underestimated.

The fascination with matter, with physical form, took over the human consciousness in a way that was not originally intended.  The balanced way of spirit in matter almost totally shifted in favor of the physical aspects of creation.  The unseen side of life was called superstition and those that saw that side of life were in many cases prosecuted and burned at the stake, as it were.  So now our task from the Ascended Realms and with the Divine assistance of over 20 million extraterrestrials under the Ashtar Command, is to awaken the entire human race as quickly as possible without creating total panic in the process.  No small task, my friend.  And the incarnate Masters, the Way Showers, the Starseeds, like yourself, are the Ground Crew that are assisting the Celestial Forces that, for the most part, remain unseen.  Although the sightings, as it were, are increasingly being brought to the general public attention through your television programming, the awareness level of the informed societies of the planet is increasing daily in preparation for the mass visitation from above that will occur in the near, not distant, future.  This is possible now by Divine Decree from the Great Central Sun.  Earth is now rejoining the Galactic Community of Planets and Star Systems and its inhabitants must now be made aware of that fact, so that full preparation can now be made for the shift of energy from a third dimensional reality, now fourth, and soon to be a fifth dimensional reality.  This is truly the birth process that is now occurring.

Mankind is still in the womb of their mother but the pains of labor have started.  The only choice at this time is whether the delivery will be easy or more difficult.  The Light Workers on Mother Earth are assisting in this delivery process by their individual efforts to raise their own vibration frequencies within their bodies so that they will be fully centered and helpful when the entire human species is delivered into the New Light of the New Day.  In this planetary birth there is no hospital to go to.  Each one birthed into the New Age is an individual home delivery.  The Light Workers must act as the planetary mid-wife for the delivery of the earth and the inhabitants into the new, higher vibration frequency of Light and Love.

There should be no fear in this delivery.  There will be assistance from all around you from the heavenly dimensions. You are not alone, yet each dear one must choose to be delivered from this existing reality and be prepared in mind and body to deliver themselves through the open door, the great portal, the open womb of space and time into the Light of the New World.  Know that there will be warm hands to support you, to embrace you as your brothers and sisters greet you and welcome you home to the higher aspects of who you already are.  For you see, you already exist in your Light Body in this Fifth Dimensional pattern of energy.

What you will be achieving now is the birth of the physical body into the new dimension as it is rejoined with the Light Body, the matrix of energy that exists beyond the earthly reality.  Know that all of this will be accomplished in the twinkling of an eye.  You are being supported in this birth as you and everything on the planet is now being bombarded with particles of Light, photon energy that is now raising the vibration of every atom of physicality.  This acceleration of all matter will make it possible for the flesh to be consumed by the spirit as you once again return to the spiritual being that you are, the soul entity that has a body, not a body that has a soul.  It is all quite elegant and yet quite extraordinary, to take not only the planet earth, but also your entire solar system into the heavenly dimension.

This birth also includes all dimensions of consciousness incarnate and discarnate.  The astral realm is also being birthed into their higher frequency of Light.  Ones not choosing to walk into the Light are being transported to a new third dimensional planet quite similar to earth in all aspects where they may continue their appointed rounds of birth and death and rebirth, in order to continue to experience the lessons not learned.  But for your earth, your Beloved Terra, the days of being a schoolhouse for this portion of the galaxy are finished.  She has accepted a new role for herself.  The schoolhouse is being dismantled now.  The final lessons are being played out in all aspects of your society.  These are the final throws of contraction and pain before all is released from physicality and density into the higher vibration of Light and Love where duality will exist no more.

Take these words into your heart and prepare yourselves my friends for all that awaits you.  Do not find your attention focused on the final throws of pain.  Focus all of your intention and attention on the new vibrations that will deliver you personally across the threshold into the 7th Golden Age.

In Love and Light,  I Am Djwal Khul.


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