Ashtar – 2


Light Being

Channeled by Doug Kelly

August 1, 2005

I surround myself in the Light of my Highest Self and invoke the full wisdom and power of the Masters or other Celestial Beings to resonate with my consciousness now, and so it is.

Greetings dear brother in the Light of your Christ Self, the highest dimensional aspect of your Light Body.  As multi-dimensional beings, one must come to the realization that the entirety of who they are never incarnates fully when taking on a 3rd dimensional body on this or any other lower density/dimensional planet.  No soul wishes to place a risk of totally forgetting all the wisdom they have acquired over their thousands of embodiments on many worlds of their galaxy and beyond.  Only the bravest of souls will incarnate with 80% of their essence, while leaving 20% in spiritual dimensions to oversee their soul’s journey on earth.  Of course, there is always a back-up record, or disk, so to speak, of every soul’s history so that the knowledge gained can never be lost entirely.  This is called the Akashic Record of each soul’s many learning experiences.  The Prime Creator has considered all possibilities so that no information will be lost as each soul returns to its source with a full record of their many achievements gained over many difficult journeys.

All divine aspects of the Creator maintain the highest aspect of who they are, their Highest Self, in the spiritual domains of the 5th dimension and above, to safely oversee, observe, guide and protect that percentage of their soul’s essence that has agreed to descend into physicality to play within the full effects of a polarity experience, to experience the full shades between black and white, the dark and the light.  In this process of descent into polarity, the purpose of the game of life is to remember at some point in the game that the negative and positive poles of any magnet are but two ends of only one magnet, and the polarity of the magnet can also be reversed at any time.

With this realization, ones deem to become non-judgmental and to forgive all aspects along the continuum of the One magnet, as in this example, or to forgive all aspects, all sparks of the Divinity, as all play a part in the game of life in order to record their experiences and the wisdom gained.  This becomes their gift to the Prime Creator.  Has it not been expressed, “It is not whether you have won or lost, but how you have played the game.”  Of course, many believe that winning is everything and that is how they play the game.  But in the Ultimate Reality, the level in which your Higher Self is witnessing the game, there are no losers, ever.  You can’t lose.  Every aspect of who you are is loved from the highest dimension of thought, manifestation and love, and, yes, it is true,  “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.”  And this is because the losing is only an illusion — the only permanent reality is love.  The love reality resides at full effect in the 5th dimension and above.  Ones coming from the heart within the 3rd dimension are now stepping onto the bridge of the 4th dimension, which crosses over to the 5th dimension.  Within the 3rd dimension ones attuning their heart strings are in this moment vibrating in the lower to middle octaves of the 4th dimension, and this is well, because your Mother Earth, Gaia, has chosen to ascend into the 4th dimension.  This is the process that she, along with your Solar Deity, the sun, and all the planets of the greater body of the Solar Deity, have chosen to experience.

All beings not ascending in vibration at this time are beginning to feel the uncomfortable effects of failing to match up with, or resonate with, the very ground that you are walking on, and the air that you are breathing.  It is most crucial at this time to begin meditation; if this is not already a daily practice.  Take time each day to quiet your mind.  Visualize a golden ray of light entering the crown chakra from Helios, your Solar Deity.  Visualize a silver ray entering the base of your spine, the root chakra, emanating from the center of your earth mother, Gaia.  Twist these two waves of Light together in your heart chakra and radiate an emerald green ray of Light back out to the earth and the Universe.  This practice is but one of many that will begin to prepare ones for the ascension that is in process now that will culminate, and is clearly transcribed in the fields of England within a specific crop circle.  The final passage through the vortex into the 4th dimension is your date with your destiny.  If well advanced in your vibrational frequency, there is even the incredible opportunity to step through the stargate into the 5th dimension.

I will end this transmission for now.  My dear one taking these notes needs to return to sleep in the violet hours of this good morning.

On behalf of the Galactic Command, I am Ashtar, wishing all a bright new dawn.


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