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The Pleiades - the Seven Sisters

March 19, 2012, Calgary, Canada

To the Reader:

These writings are given to Humanity by our Extra-Planetary Friends who have identified themselves as being from the Pleiades. They are obviously conscious and very aware Souls. Once incarnate on the Mother Planet living in a Human form, their present method of Service to Earth and all Her Life Forms is from their collective Earth experience but now from a renewed perspective. They know about and have compassion for the challenges of the human condition, experiencing these challenges while they were alive and attending what They termed “The University of Life on Earth School.”

After more than thirty years of sitting with and listening to my Friends as their words were impressed upon my consciousness, in September 2011 They intensified Contact with me as their scribe and They indicated these transmissions were to be made public. They would also indicate the right timing for that to happen.

The time is now! As they indicated a few days ago: “It is time to release the brakes!”

My intention is to publicize these Transmissions here as they are given. Our Friends have spoken about many of life’s questions and challenges we all encounter, especially since we are experiencing unprecedented influxes of Light and Love as we approach the Ascension of Planetary and Human Consciousness. Some of the Transmissions received earlier during the past few months will gradually be posted as inspiration guides me.

These Messages are dedicated for Humanity while we move through the long predicted “Shift of the Ages.” As our Human Consciousness takes on higher dimension from which we make new Life choices, our Friends continuously support and encourage our new levels of learning while we are receiving their Light, their Love, their Wisdom and Truth.

Their message to Humanity continues to be: “You have within you exactly what it takes to live in Peace. You have within you the power to change your human condition. You have within you the willingness and information needed to bring back pure health to your Home, the Mother Planet. You are not alone! You are in the Oneness of Light. You have constant guidance and help from all Beings in the Company of Heaven for your support and to accomplish this mission.”

Humanity is ready now to take responsibility for our mis-creations. We have the ability to choose again how we can heal ourselves and how we may live a joyful and abundant life, filled with the Light, with forgiveness and love for our Selves and our fellow travelers along the Pathways. We have come to a place in the history of Humanity when we can make no other choice but to Live Love in each moment if we are to change what we see in our world. We truly need to “BE the change we wish to see in our World”!

To this joyous Vision this website and these loving and supportive Messages are dedicated.

Inger Droog, Reiki Master

Blessed Be!

Inger J.F. Droog