Higher Self – 3

Message from The Higher Self

Hand Receiving

Channeled by Doug Kelly

August 10, 2005

 I surround myself in the Christ Light, my Highest Self, and ask that only highest wisdom and truth flow through my open channel of consciousness now.  So be it.

 Greetings my dearest ones in the Light.  This message, this transference of thought from the field of intention, is being revealed at this time so that ones of the Light may use this powerful technology.  And, we say technology because certain processes need to be utilized to bring into materialization the desires, the wishes that ones would choose to experience, to possess in the physical realm or reality as the case may be.

Attention and intention are the keys to opening doors into higher dimensions of information and energy.  By higher, it is inferred that the vibrational frequencies are pulsating much more rapidly.  The vibrational signature is of a more advanced order in the evolutionary scheme of things.  And so to attention, the thought of a focused attention.  Has it not been said energy flows where your attention goes?  Attention activates the Energy Field of intention, the Energy Field of pure intention that is held in the infinite mind of all possibilities.  Within the Field of what has been termed non-local mind all possibilities already exist.  They exist in a wave form just as the imprinting of a holographic plate exists in waves.  It then requires the focused attention in the form of a layer beam of light to collapse the waves of information into the materialized projection of a holographic image.  This example illustrates what can be accomplished when the focused attention of local-mind, individual mind, becomes layer-like and activates the energy field of intention to particularise a specific desire or want.

The focused thoughts call attention to the desires which have already been created within the infinite organizing power of universal mind, the one mind that orchestrates the incredible dance of creation.  So in our example, attention is the layer beam and the holographic plate is the field of all information and energy, the background field of infinite being of all that is, ever was, and ever shall be, existing simultaneously.

In order to manifest with intention in the 3rd dimensional reality, one must acquire the ability to consciously choose that which one wishes to have or achieve or be.  The choosing begins to form the layer beam of light.  However, if the choices are undecided, or not made in the local mind, or in conflict with each other, or fear sets up a resistance to this beam of light, then this coherent beam of light becomes diffused, unfocused, and out of alignment, with no clear direction projected on the holographic plate, the organizing field of all possibilities.

If we think of this field as the mind of God, universal consciousness, then the individual localized beam of light is like a beacon of light identifying the location of its source and thus calling attention to itself.  It is like saying: “Hey, God, over here, don’t forget me —  I have some desires and wants that are not being met.  I know you love me, but since I have been unclear about what I would like to create in this world, you have been waiting for me to decide with clear and specific intent what I would like to be, do and, thus, have in this world.  If I don’t know what I want to be, do or have, then I am left to my own devices of the ego mind.”  But once a clear and present choice is made, once one is committed to a desired end result, committed to a new way of being in this world, then the field of pure potential begins to adjust its infinite organizing power to align with your focused attention being placed on your intention.  The intensity of your focus, the intensity of your layer beam is what determines the projection of your images, your imagination into physicalized, crystallized reality.

There are, however, a few thoughts to be mindful of with this process, this technology.  If your intention is in alignment with the pure field of intention, with the spiritual laws of the universe, with the love-based evolutionary power of universal mind, then the winds of change, the winds of love, wisdom and power will be at your back, pushing you forward toward your desired goals, giving you a helping support.  If your intention is not for the greatest good of all concerned, and is of a totally selfish nature, then the wind will not be at your back.  You can keep your desires because you have free will and this will not be taken from you, but the universe will not give you a helping hand.  The struggle and achievements you desire are all yours, if you would rather do it yourself.  Life will not flow for you with effortless ease.  Grace will not be extended to you.  You may rise to great and ruthless power in the world of the love of power, but you will always be watching your back and not feeling that gentle pat on your shoulders.  Ones who wisely choose the power of love will find peace of mind, comfort and support within the field of intention.

However, ones may choose the power of love and find that their desires are not manifesting with grace and ease, or not at all.  And why is this so, you might well ask.  The answer is one very significant word, that sets up a very powerful field of resistance that deflects your layer beam of attention and intention, and the word is fear.  Fear in the form of doubt, stress, insecurity, anxiety, victim consciousness, guilt, shame, and in general the lack of love for yourself.  Ones must become very aware of just where they are directing the layer beam.  It may be pointed in the wrong direction.  It may not be pointed on what they want but what they don’t want.  The universe is very accommodating and will begin to produce exactly what your beam of thought is dwelling upon within your mind.  Your focused attention is very powerful and may just equally produce the results you do not desire if it is focused on what you do not want rather than what you want.  So be constantly vigilant on where your attention is placed and constantly re-affirm your intentions to be sure that they are not scattered in different directions and blown by the winds of mass consciousness.

In love and light from the Higher Self, Your True Self.





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